Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Baby Shower

My two sisters-in-law, Beth and Ashley, and best friend, Amy threw me the most perfect little baby shower. They rented out Gather in downtown Cary, a gift shop/coffee shop/coworking space with the most quaint garden space you've ever seen. Food and drink were set up inside and seating was outside in the garden space.

The girls went all out with food and decorations. I'm telling was absolute perfection and exactly my style. Guests signed a diaper instead of a guest book so I can enjoy some middle-of-the-night chuckles while changing bird's diaper. Guests also wrote wishes on paper which they wrapped around a birthday candle so that bird can read one each year (I think she's set until her sweet 16). They also incorporated my hot air balloon nursery theme into the decorations.

I felt so absolutely loved!

Wrenn received so many adorable gifts. (And whoa, facial expressions galore.)
This doesn't capture all of my lovely guests. Who took the picture of the entire table? I know I posed for that.


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