About Me

I was born and raised a Daddy's girl on a tobacco farm in Southern Virginia. I moved to
North Carolina in 1997. Country girl, meet big city.

Fell in love with a blue-eyed boy working at a tobacco research station one hot, college summer. We married 3 years later in 2002.

In 2006, we welcomed our firstborn son into the world, Landon Cole. He's got his Mama's fiestiness and his Daddy's lack of rhythm.

Three years later, baby boy #2 joined our family, Carter Miles. He's got his Daddy's laid-back attitude and his Mama's big heart.

We live a crazy life, full of love, happiness, and lots of boy stuff. I can shoot a suction cup arrow like nobody's business, drive a Matchbox car up on two wheels, and make the meanest dinosaur roar you've ever heard.

When these boys close their eyes at night, I disappear into a world of vampires through TV and reading.

Welcome to our circus. I'm the ringleader.