Thursday, May 30, 2013

E's Senior Prom

When I was 16, my niece, Elizabeth, was born and changed my life. I was hers and she was mine. There was no separating Kakee and EJ. We had a special bond, and although miles separate us, still do. I've always though of her as my own. She has grown into a ridiculously beautiful young woman, going to senior prom, graduating high school, and taking college courses in preparation for nursing school. I couldn't be more proud of my Elizabeth. She's smart, gorgeous, and has a really good head on her shoulders. I had the opportunity to see her off to her senior prom recently.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday, Landon!

Happy birthday, Landon.

Seven years ago, I became a mother. How you rocked my world, little man. My first-born son. You hold a really special place in my heart. 

You're my rock star! You sing the lyrics ridiculously well to a lot of songs and enjoy shaking that little booty. You're cool, witty, silly, smart, caring, considerate, and very loving. You compliment me regularly and notice when I'm wearing something new. You excel at math and reading (you're really into Magic Tree House right now) and love Legos and playing games on Daddy's iPad, especially Hay Day. You've got many friends and enjoy Boy Scouts and ninjitsu. You work really hard at ninjitsu, too, which is evident by you earning your green belt this year. You just lost your first tooth and couldn't be prouder of that little tooth the Tooth Fairy let you keep and your shiny, gold Sacagawea coin. You really want a hamster and have been working hard over the past year to prove to me that you can take care of an animal by taking good care of Hokie. You talk a lot. A LOT. You get that from your mama. And that's okay. Even your teacher says that you talk a lot but she doesn't mind too much as you are smart, kind, and very respectful. Your manners are spot on. I never have to remind you to say mam, sir, thank you, or please. You hold doors open for people. I love that. You share a bed with your brother and take great care of him. He'd be lost without you. So would I. You love your family and you love God. It's obvious in your words and actions. 

Rock on, Landon Cole. You cool dude.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday Night Dance Party

These three are three little peas in a pod. They get together almost weekly and always have a blast. I smile thinking about the memories they are making, knowing they are going to look back at these days so fondly as  adults.

Song and Dance Moves Credit: YMCA by The Village People

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Landon's 'Stache Bash

We celebrated Landon's 7th birthday with a cook-out at home with family. The theme: 'Stache Bash! I think this has been my most favorite party to date.

I used red, black, and aqua as the color scheme. I found red and white striped straws with mustache toppers at Party City. I also used them (with the straw cut very short) as cupcake toppers. For the first time, I served individual ice creams instead of scooping it out for each person; OMG - this makes serving ice cream SO easy! I found the most adorable wooden ice cream spoons with hand-stamped mustaches on Etsy. I, of course, used a mason jar adorned with black and white gingham ribbon to hold the spoons. We grilled hot dogs and served with all the fixins, crock-pot mac & cheese, baked beans, and chips. A red drink bucket held glass-bottled Pepsi and Mountain Dew (bottled water and Kool-Aid was also served). The glass-bottled sodas looked adorable! Even though they were twist off, I put a few bottle openers in a mason jar with a "Wet Your Wiskers" sign. 

Our guests enjoyed shelling and eating peanuts on our new patio while the kids played in the yard. I had also picked up fake staches (at the Dollar Tree!) that EVERYONE had fun with! After eating, my big boy blew out his "7" candle and opened gifts. 

It was so wonderful having our family over and celebrating my special man.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Camping 2013

We recently went on an overnight camping trip to a local lake. And it didn't rain! We really enjoyed our time outside exploring nature, fishing (Landon can cast a rod like a pro), and just enjoying each other's company.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Recent Happenings

What's been going on in the Bagley house told by random iPad pictures...

Landon earned his green belt in ninjitsu! He had to be able to do a certain number of moves when told the name in Japanese. This is a big deal as there are only 3 belts in ninjitsu. He is super proud!

Carter likes to rock it out with his Dora tambourine and microphone.

Landon wrote about an inspirational woman for a school assignment.

And...yeah, I don't even know what this crazy mister was up to.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and man do those people deserve some credit!

Both Carter's daycare and Landon's elementary school had themed days for each day the week. I sent in Carter's teacher's favorite soda and candy for snack day. For Landon's healthy snack day (daycare didn't care about the healthy part-LOL), I sent in a bag with an orange, pack of almonds, a banana, and a pack of Pirate's Booty (kind of popcorn-ish) with a note that read "Orange you glad I popped over to tell you that I am bananas and nuts about you?" I also sent in baggies of York Peppermint Patties for all of the other teachers at the elementary school like PE, Art, Library, Computer, Music, Office staff, and cleaning crew. My favorite gift was the mini mani kit I assembled: fun nail polish, files, clippers, cotton balls, and polish remover.

Thank you, teachers! You have one of the most important jobs out there and don't receive the recognition you deserve. Holla!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Finally! After a little over a month of a wiggly tooth, Landon's first tooth fell out this morning. And I mean "fell out" quite literally. He woke up this morning and felt something in his mouth, spit it out into his hand to discover that it was his tooth! Glad he didn't swallow that in his sleep or what would he leave for the tooth fairy tonight?