Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bagley Boy Funnies

Me:  What do you guys want for lunch?
Carter (without pause):  Chocolate chips!  Fruit snacks!  Can-deeeeeeeeee!

Me:  Morning!
Carter:  Sofia broke the window and she's gonna be in trouble and then she can't go to the circus!
(Whoa.  I need coffee.)

I am addicted to Hay Day on my iPad.  Yes, an electronic farming game.  But I love it.  Landon has been bugging me to play so we downloaded it onto Christopher's iPad and he's worse than I am!  He plays all.the.time.  And he's a terrible farmer and businessman.  His animals are always unfed because he doesn't have enough veggies to make the food.  He's always out of money because he blows all of his making his farm pretty with decorations.  LOL  He always needs axes, saws, nails, etc. to expand his barn and cut down trees.  And somehow he talks his mom into selling him hers really cheap.  So then I am left without the tools I need and didn't even make a lot of money on them.  The other day, he told me to go look at his farm.  He has made "M heart L" with his crop fields. For Mommy and Landon. Oh, my heart.

Yes, baby. You can have anything you want. Just love me forever. And carve our names on a tree. When you're old enough to use a knife. Obvs.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter 2013

After celebrating Jesus' resurrection at church on Saturday night, we tucked in tight to await the Easter Bunny's arrival.  This took a lot of conversations with Carter about how the Easter Bunny WAS NOT going to come in his room that night and touch him.  He is terrified of the Easter Bunny!  Christopher's work had an Easter egg hunt complete with a visit from Mr. Easter Bunny himself.  Carter had to be held and know the bunny's whereabouts the entire time.

After digging through their baskets of goodies and loading up on jelly beans and Peeps, we drove to VA to my home.  We enjoyed a nice lunch prepared by the world's best cook, Rhina.  Duh.  Who else?  The kids hunted for Easter eggs that Nannie had hidden inside due to the rainy weather.  More candy!  The boys continued to hide and find eggs with each other the rest of the afternoon while I relaxed on the couch in front of the fire watching Wicked Tuna with my Daddy.  #home




Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tiger Badge

Landon earned his Tiger badge in Scouts and is mighty proud.  To earn this badge, he had to complete quite a number of den and family activities (leaf rubbings, sewing a button, learning about weather, discussing fire safety and practicing a home fire drill, practicing meeting someone with a firm handshake to name just a few).  He also went on a few go-see-its with his den to a local radio station, the library, and a historic home in Cary.

(Little brother can't wait to join Scouts!)


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Olive's 3rd Birthday Party ~ Fairies!

My sweet fairy princess niece, Olive, turned 3!  We celebrated my sweet girl's day with fairy wands and candy! And no birthday is complete without a good ol' fashioned game of "hit about 10 balloons around the room for an hour and DON'T LET IT TOUCH THE FLOOR!!!"  I would dare to say the grown-ups might have enjoyed that game a little more than the kiddos.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Winter Wonderland

(Can you tell it's been a little while since I downloaded pictures off of my camera?)

We had a beautiful, and unexpected, snow storm one Saturday morning.  We bundled up and spent the morning catching snowflakes on our tongues, making a snowman, and having an epic snowball fight.  All four of us had a blast!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Marbles Fun

The boys enjoyed a day at the local, hands-on kid's museum, Marbles, to celebrate their friend, Graham's birthday.


Friday, April 5, 2013

First Loose Tooth

Landon is one of the only first graders that hasn't lost a tooth yet. He keeps asking and asking when he's going to lose a tooth. His wish will soon come true. He woke up Wednesday morning (April 3rd) with a wiggly tooth on the bottom. He was so excited! The funny thing is that I felt his teeth this past Sunday to see if any were wiggly, and they weren't.

I took an opportunity to get one last picture of that cute smile before he is all snaggle-toothed, and before those big ol' rabbit teeth come in.