Thursday, October 29, 2009

Landon's First Crush

It's 3-year old has a crush - and it's not his mama! And who is the lucky girl? Taylor Swift, his "princess with white hair"!!!

I had to record her music videos on TV because he always requests to watch her at home. He dances around and sings with her (surprisingly very well). And I have some of her songs on my iPod to fulfill his music requests in the car (he still doesn't quite understand why I can't make the radio play her songs - kids today are so spoiled with their on demand technology). His favorite songs/videos are "the boy and girl one" (You Belong With Me), "the princess one" (Love Story) & "the one where she lays down in the flowers" (Our Song).

I asked him last night who the prettiest girl in the world was (and expected him to say Taylor Swift)...and he said "my mama". Mama always has a place in his heart!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Christopher & I took the boys to Green Acres Farm on Sunday. We also took Aunt Beth & Uncle Mike along for the fun (I know this is what you wanted to do for your 31st birthday Uncle Mike!).

We made our way through the 1.5 mile corn maze finding the 10 stations along the way. Landon liked to hold the finder flag (at first anyway) & act as our "line leader" deciding which way to go in the maze. We eventually had to trade positions with him after we passed Station 1 a few times! He asked if we were going to ever find our way out! We felt like that too.

After finding our way out, Landon got to climb on a few tractors and push/pull every lever & button on them!

We also took a hayride around the farm & enjoyed the sights (a pond, ducks & cows). It was such a nice day and a beautiful farm...right in the middle of Cary! It felt like home...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deep-fried butter anyone? Or how about chocolate-covered bacon?

If you can dream it, they can deep-fry it at the North Carolina State Fair! And I wouldn't miss it for anything! I love the smell of dirty carnival workers, greasy rickety rides and the deep-fryer!

When one goes to the fair, there are a few musts on the list: cotton candy, funnel cake/elephant ear, deep-fried pickles (mmmmm - my personal favorite), a 50 cent cup of The Peanut Roaster peanuts, a 50 cent SOUR Mt. Olive pickle, a cup of flaming hot freshly-pressed apple cider & the John Deere ice cream. That all goes with a side of "oh my gosh, I am going to vomit"! I was on a personal mission to locate the Funnel Cake Fries this year - take a classic and make it portable?!?! Yes!!! However, I had to settle for a fresh, hot elephant ear with a pool of melted butter on top and smothered in confectioner's sugar (poor me). Christopher always has to get fried seafood (I still don't understand this - seafood at the fair?). He kept talking about a fried oyster sandwich but he ended up with a fried soft-shell crab. And Landon's requests were cotton candy and popcorn. He enjoyed a 50 cent large dill pickle himself (like mother, like son).

Landon rode his first roller coaster with his Daddy (I will admit, I made Christopher ride this with him because I am petrified of roller coasters...even the kiddie ones!) and loved it. He rode a few other things (carousel, race car, train, truck, Wiggle Worm) - all that stayed on the ground. Then he wanted to ride the hot air balloon. Advice to parents: watch the ride before you put your kid on it by themselves!!! So the individual balloons went in circles, the whole ride went in a circle and it went pretty high off the ground (well, high for a 3-year old). And I didn't know any of this until he was strapped in and way over my head spinning in circles. About half way through the ride, he wasn't looking too good. I was trying to cheer him on because I thought at any moment he was going to have a meltdown and I would have to tackle the greasy carnival worker to make him stop the ride so I can get my crying, screaming child off before he's scarred for life. He didn't cry (so thank goodness, I didn't have to tackle the attendant), instead he looked up at me and said "MOMMY, THIS IS NOT FUN!!!". Poor baby! But he survived - and then we took him to get food which always makes him happy!

Sweet Carter slept almost the whole time! And yes, my baby is a thumb-sucker! Again like mother, like son! (But I promise not to put Tabasco and cow poop on his thumb like my Daddy threatened me with!)

Good times! We look forward to next October!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let's see how good I am at this!

Well, it's official...I am a blogger. Or least I am going to try to be. I failed at MySpace and I didn't even try to keep up with Facebook. I'm the girl who completes her son's baby book when he's 3 years old! But I'm going to try hard to blog and to keep you all up-to-date on the goings-ons of our life - The Bagley Circus. So here goes...