Sunday, February 28, 2010

Music Makes Me Groove

Carter is like the rest of his makes him move!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Greatest Show On Earth

We took Landon to his first circus this past week. We left Carter at home with Aunt Beth so we could give Landon 100% of our attention.

There were tigers (Spanish-speaking ones by the way), and tightropes, and women shooting out of cannons (my personal favorite), and elephants, and clowns, etc. etc. etc.

Landon obsessed over the where-abouts of the "girl clown" the whole show! I don't know what he found so fascinating about her but needed to know her 20 every minute.

According to Landon, his favorite part was the confetti that they shot out at the end. When it shot out, he looked up in awe and said "sooooo pretty". He's been busy cutting up construction paper today and throwing it up in the air like at the circus!

Here's my 2 cents: they try to money-rape you there. You've already paid $50 for tickets, then have to pay $10 to park, then $9 got us a box of popcorn and a bottle of water to share. Of course, they are walking around with cotton candy and hats and glow sticks for the price of your first-born son. And of course he wanted everything he saw. And Mommy's infamous reply, no that's too expensive. Landon has a pretty good grasp on what "too expensive" means and will drop it. I have actually had him ask me in Walmart if something was expensive. But he has a soft spot for glow sticks and they had the mother of all glow sticks...ones that light up and spin and blink and are shaped like swords, etc. He asked for one and asked for one and asked for one...every time the guy came around. I literally wanted to push the guy down the stairs. I figured they're probably $10...still a lot of money in my opinion but I'd consider it. So we told him we'd take a look at them when we left. Yeah well...those things are $20!!! For a glow stick that will probably break before we could exit the building!!! He whined for about a minute but got over it. We promised we'd get him something way cool the next time we are at Walmart. Here's my advice to parents...go to Walmart or the Target dollar spot or the Dollar Tree and pick up some glow sticks, take them with you to an event like that and then when they come around teasing that $20 glow stick in your child's face, you can whip out your own, snap it and hand it over. Perfect!

Enjoy my video montage of the circus highlights.

76 Days To Go!

Christopher and I have completed the 2nd week of our P90X work-out...that's 14 days down and 76 to go! Yes, we are tired and sometimes dread it (like when it's 9:00 on a "school night" and we still have an hour long work-out ahead of us) but we are still rocking it out! We have noticed that we are able to do more reps and are feeling a little more energy during the day. I'm proud of us. We are sticking to it, together!

Stay tuned for the before and after pictures and stats (in 76 days)...

Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Hard Work Being 3!

Here's a conversation that Landon and I had tonight while he was taking a bath:

L: Mommy, I'm tired. I worked hard today at school.

K: What types of things did you do that were hard? (trying not to laugh)

L: Well...put stuff away, and clean up.

K: Oh, that is hard work. Anything else?

L: Yes, I had to sit 'criss-cross applesauce, hands in your lap, bubble in your mouth' during Circle Time. That was hard work too.

The life of a 3 year old!!!

Landon's Ear Update

For the past 20 days, we've been fighting an ear infection in the ear that Landon still has a tube in. He went through 10 days of antibiotic ear drops with no relief, and is finishing up day 10 of oral antibiotic today after being told he had blisters on his eardrum (see story here).

He keeps sticking his finger in that ear saying it hurts and bothers him. So I took him to the ENT this morning. His infection and blisters have cleared up, but his tube was trying to come out but was stuck in a bed of earwax so the ENT pulled it out. Landon cried, but calmed down with a little loving from Mommy. The ENT is certain that it was irritating him and he will experience relief having it out.

We go back in a few weeks to check the ear canal and perform a pressure test to see if another set of tubes is in our near future.

Help! I'm Drowning!

I think you know you've hit your limit when you have to pull an entire outfit out of the dirty laundry basket, spray a little wrinkle releaser on the shirt, walk through a mist of perfume to hide the moldy smell and walk out of the house like nobody's business.

The sweet life of a mom...and an employee, and a wife, and a maid, and a cook, and an exerciser, and a nurse, and a taxi driver, and a milking cow, and a daughter, and a sister, and a friend, and a...well, you get the point.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can You Say DaDa?

Carter is learning to be a comedian from his big brother. He just started saying "dadadadada" and sometimes perfects it to "dada". Tonight, when we asked him to say "dada", he kept shaking his head no. It was so funny! Here's a few clips of him shaking his head no at the question of the the end, he finally obliges! (please excuse the messy face...he had just eaten mixed veggies!)

PB&J Sushi

I am always looking for fun ways to present ordinary food to Landon to entice him to eat it. It's amazing what a airplane-shaped cookie cutter can do for a sandwich! Family Fun magazine always has great ideas. I tried one of their recent recipes...PB&J Sushi. Basically you cut the crusts off of a piece of loaf bread and roll it flat. Add a thin layer of PB, then jelly. Roll it up lengthwise and cut into bite-sized pieces. Mine aren't the prettiest, but I think the look on Landon's face let's you know just how much he loved it.

Monday, February 22, 2010


These 2 boys have stolen their Mommy's heart. Every time I look into their sparkling eyes, breathe in their sweet smell, soak in their laughs, feel their soft breaths, and absorb their innocence and pure souls.

I just wanted to share some pictures of the boys responsible for stealing my heart day after day.

In their dino PJs...

In their "The Ladies Love Me" tees...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wish it were Sunday everyday

Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Landon's V Day Card to Daddy

Landon wanted to make his Daddy a Valentine's Day card. He cut the card into a heart shape himself, decorated the outside, and carefully wrote his first word ("LOVE") on the inside. He was so proud. And Mommy was pretty proud too!!! My baby wrote a word!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

8 Years of Bliss

My apologies...I've gotten so behind on my blogging due to our P90X work-out & sicky-poo Landon.

Our 8 year anniversary was February 9th, and Christopher and I went out on a date the weekend before. This was so special...we probably go out alone (i.e. without the boys) about once every 6 months! We enjoyed a great steak at Outback, went to the movies (you have to go see The Blind Side if you haven't already), and browsed one of our favorites stores, Barnes & Noble. It was a great night together.

We celebrate our anniversary with the traditional anniversary gifts. This year was bronze. I gave my honey with a green thumb a bronze watering can and he gave me the most beautiful bronze wind chimes. I could sit and listen to them all day.

I was reflecting back on our 8 years of anniversary gifts...
(the first is the gift he gave me, the second is the gift I gave him)

Year 1 (paper): a handmade paper mache heart/handmade love coupon book
Year 2 (cotton): a poem he wrote framed in cotton balls & a cotton ring/a dozen cotton roses
Year 3 (leather): leather, engraved Bible/leather fortune cookie with a personalized fortune inside
Year 4 (fruit or flowers): flowers/bucket of fruit-flavored candy
Year 5 (wood): a Willow Tree figurine/a ruler that says "My love for you grows inch by inch"
Year 6 (candy/iron): We went snowmobiling in Breckenridge, CO (we figured there was iron somewhere in the snowmobiles!)
Year 7 (wool or copper): a 2002 penny necklace/copper garden tags

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If it's not one kid sick, it's the other

My poor, poor Landon has been so sick. He's had an ear infection for about a week and a half in his right ear (which still has a tube in it). We've been treating that with antibiotic ear drops. Monday night he told me that his tummy hurt when going to bed. I was sure that he was using one of his stalling tactics to keep me in his room a little bit longer and basically told him to suck it up and go to bed. A few hours later, he was screaming and I went upstairs to find him sitting in a bed full of vomit. * Thank you to the Academy for this lovely Mother of the Year Award. I accept it with a heavy heart.* He said he felt better, we got him cleaned up and put him back to bed. He was feeling fine Tuesday morning so I sent him to daycare thinking something just didn't sit right on his tummy. I received a call from daycare during their nap time to come pick him up because he had vomited again. He hasn't vomited anymore but has had diarrhea a few times. Christopher took him to the doctor today. The doctor said that he most likely has Rotovirus, and that it is usually making its exit when the diarrhea starts. So he should be over that soon. On the other hand, his ear is so infected that there are BLISTERS ON HIS EARDRUM!!! The drops aren't doing anything for it, either because they just don't work for him anymore or because the drops can't get to his eardrum due to his tube making its way out of his ear. There's only one other drop available and that gives him a rash on the ear and face so that's out. So the doctor put him on a strong antibiotic (good ol' red-poop Omnicef) that should knock it out. And I've been wondering why he's been so whiny and grumpy lately. Hello?!?! Blisters on the eardrum! My poor, poor baby.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Call 911!!!

While most of you watched Olympic figure skating on the couch while finishing off a heart-shaped box of chocolates last night, Christopher & I tortured ouselves with Day 1 of our P90X work-out.

What is P90X, you ask? It is complete h-e-double hockey sticks! This stuff ain't for sissies. We hated it the whole time. We whined the whole time. I think a tear even rolled down my sweat-soaked face at one point. But we're pushing through together and will be smiling after 90 days.

We did take "before" pictures...but I will not be sharing mine until I have some kick-butt "after" pictures to show beside it!

Here's a description of the program:

P90X is an intensive 90-day home fitness program that combines a variety of exercise styles, including strength training, cardio, and stretching. The system also stresses overall fitness by including bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups and push-ups, as well as plyometrics (jump training), yoga, and kenpō. Most of the workouts are just under an hour in length. The program requires 13 weeks of 6-day workouts with an optional stretch on the seventh day. On most of the weeks, Days 1, 3 and 5 of the workout are strength-training for various parts of the body including biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and legs. On these days, a 16-minute abs session is included after the regular workouts. Days 2, 4, and 6 are for the cardio-related exercises: plyometrics, yoga, and kenpō, respectively. The secret behind the P90X system is an advanced training technique called Muscle Confusion™, which accelerates the results process by constantly introducing new moves and routines so your body never plateaus, and you never get bored!

All I can say is pray for us and have 911 on speed dial!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Landon's First "Sleepover"

We picked up Landon's friend, Clark, from his daycare and brought him home with us since his mommy had to take a class. The boys are 2 weeks apart in age and used to go to school together. It's been a while since they've seen each other and they were so excited! Landon asked me for days when Clark was coming over.

Landon had planned out the menu for his dogs, mac & cheese and baked beans! While I was fixing supper, they began playing downstairs...but then I heard Landon say "come on Clark, let's go play in my room"!!! So off they go...This is the same kid who won't even go in the downstairs bathroom until you turn the light on for him. He took Clark upstairs, turned on the lights and they played. This is what his room looked like when I went to get them for supper.

They thoroughly enjoyed their supper and bath.

I got them in bed around 7:15. Poor Clark...he was trying so hard to go to sleep but Landon kept talking and talking and talking and talking (I don't know where he gets that from?). I think he finally quieted down around 9:15 and they were both able to drift off to sleep. I'm calling this a faux sleepover as his mom picked him up after her class ended around 10. Landon has asked me EVERY day since when Clark is coming back over. We have a day scheduled in early March for his next "sleepover".

Too stinkin' cute!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary Christopher

Eight years ago, I walked down the aisle of my quaint, stone country church as a bright-eyed 22 year old and said "I do" to the man of my dreams. We stood there in front of our friends, family and God and made promises to love each other until the end of time. It's been an amazing ride...lots of ups with some downs...but we made it through baby. We've come a long way from just us in that little townhouse in downtown Cary. I cherish the memories we've made together and hold them close to my heart. You always say that you love me like a fat kid loves cake. Well in the words of Lady Gaga, loving you is like cherry pie.

Happy 8 year anniversary baby. I am forever yours.

Monday, February 8, 2010

What Were You Thinking?!?!

I'm sure this will not be the last time Landon hears this coming from his mother's mouth...

He made a necklace made out of painted rigatoni noodles at school. This necklace was already in rough shape as Hokie had already gotten hold of it and ate 4 of the 5 noodles off of it. He wore his 1-noodle necklace to school the other day. After school, I put him in the car and walked around to get Carter in when I heard him crying that his finger was stuck. I walked back around to find his entire middle finger shoved as far as it could go in the noodle. I pulled...nothing...pulled a little harder...nothing. Okay, I am in control - I can save the day. So I pull out lotion from my purse to put on his finger. It was actually hand cream so it didn't really make it that slippery...and pretty much only caused the green paint to come off everywhere. He's starting to freak out a little bit, crying that it hurt, and his finger was starting to turn color. So I say to him "honey, I'm going to have to break it". *Prepare yourself for probably the funniest part of my story* Landon replies (with a look of fear in his eyes) "Noooooooooo, don't break my finger!!!!" I promised him that I was referring to his noodle, and not his finger! :) I tried to squeeze the noodle to break it, but didn't want to squeeze too hard so I took him inside daycare, and managed to cut the noodle off with a pair of scissors.

Really Landon...what were you thinking???

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Much Fun!

Snow...the only occasion where grown-ups can play just as hard as a kid and no one looks at them like a weirdo! I love it!!!

The snow started Friday night and went on into early Saturday afternoon. We ended up with about 4 inches of snow with an inch of ice on top.

Landon was so excited about the snow - I heard him looking out of his window at 5:30 AM & then he ran into my bedroom to tell me that there was snow outside. I sent him back to bed and he slept about another hour. We got all bundled up and went outside to play in the backyard later that morning while Carter napped. We have a nice size hill that we can sleigh down, but it leads into our neighbor's backyard so we have to be careful not to slam into her deck!

Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning we played at Bond Park. The park boasts a HUGE hill (Landon referred to it as a "mountain"). There were easily 100 people out there sledding down the slope (which, by the way, was marked with a sign that read "Please stay off slope"). There were some inventive people out there - we saw the following being used to sled (in addition to the normal sleds): trash bags, trash can lids, cookie sheets, flattened boxes, tarps, the top of a skateboard, boogie boards, a sun visor that goes in the windshield of your car, inner tubes & pool floats. We had a ton of fun and I escaped with minor injuries (of course, my bare finger found the only chunk of ice out there as I was speeding past on the sled - a purple pinkie never killed anyone).

We finished up the day on Sunday sledding some more in the backyard. I was so proud of Landon as he went down the hill on his own! This is a big deal for Landon...he's sort of a scaredy-cat! Landon & Daddy also built a snowman, using left-over peppers from the garden for his eyes and mouth!

Christopher & I snuck out of the house after we got the boys tucked into bed Sunday night and went sledding in the backyard. We made a new track that went under the blackberry line and almost into the woods behind our neighbor's house. We went down with Christopher on his stomach and me laying on his back - we were giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls! :)

We also made some yummy snow cream. Just grab some clean snow and mix in milk, sugar and vanilla. And enjoy!!!

Here's a video montage of our sledding adventures. The first few are in our yard, then there are a few from Bond Park (you can actually see the chunk of ice fly out from our sled in the clip of me & Landon), and the last 2 are of Landon sledding by himself! The very last clip is blurry, but I had to include it - it is so funny (Landon actually goes air-born at the end). Enjoy!