Monday, September 28, 2015

Mountains - The Hammock Life

When we arrived at our mountain house and saw the hammock on the porch overlooking the mountains, I knew it was going to be an awesome week. We switched their hammock out with our 2 Enos and spent a lot of time relaxing in them as you can see...


Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Week in the Mountains - Prelude

Waaaaay back at the end of July, we vacationed for a week in the NC mountains. We rented the most perfect mountain home in the Lake Lure/Chimney Rock area right on the river. We did a lot of tubing, hiking, waterfall-seeking, and drinking beer in hammocks. In other words, it was perfection.

Here's a picture of my cute little family in front of Little Bradley Falls. I'll post more pictures from that hike later (and not 2 months from now!*) and pictures from our adventure that week, but for now...The Bagley Circus after a long, slightly treacherous, and fun hike to a beautiful falls.

*Thanks for your patience and for my dedicated readers that keep checking back to see that I haven't posted anything new. I started a new job on August 10 and have been working like crazy there and even some nights at home. So when I'm not working, I'm with my babies. Or watching America's Next Top Model of The Great Food Truck Race (I have some friends on the show this season!). Bear with me friends... you know I'll get it together eventually. XOXO


Friday, September 4, 2015

A Long Weekend Ahead

I took a look at all of the pictures on my Google Photos from vacation (at the end of July) to present, and realized that I have a whole lot to catch you up on! I'm going to work on writing and scheduling posts this upcoming long weekend.

Hallelujah for long holiday weekends! Do you have plans for the long weekend? I'll be serving at church, cleaning the house (it needs it soooooo badly), doing laundry, blogging, helping with Cub Scout homework (we have TWO Cub Scouts now so double the homework!), and chasing my babies.

This little bird discovered my bag of onions; it kept her busy while I fixed dinner last night. I love how something "new" like onions, a can, Tupperware, or a spoon can keep her interested for a bit now.

Happy weekend, y'all. Be safe!



Thursday, September 3, 2015


My friends, I am so sorry for such a long and unexpected hiatus. I'm still here and still intend to keep you all updated on the happenings of The Bagley Circus. I started a new job the beginning of August and it has been keeping me very busy (day and even night). You all should see my bathroom; it needs cleaning so desperately. And boy do I need to put away our laundry.

As a peace offering, here are pictures of Wrenn, an experienced mathematician, helping out her big brother with his math homework.