Friday, December 31, 2010

Dreamin' of a White Christmas

The white stuff began to fall late Christmas afternoon and it fell into the night and part of the following day. We accumulated about 5-6 inches in VA. We all had a great time, big and little kids alike!

*the one bad thing about owning a nice camera is that you don't want to take it out in certain elements, hence the lack of pictures actually out in the snow. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Christopher and Landon had a blast on the had to pry both of them off of it!

Landon got bundled up in his aunt's old snow suit. Carter had so much fun walking around with bags on his feet (redneck, I know - but hey, it kept my kid's feet from getting wet) and LOVED his new bear gloves. He kept looking at them and smiling at them.

Are we going or what, Mom?

While Grandma and Grandpa brought in Carter and Olive to warm up with venison stew (btw, my kid ate THREE bowls), the big kids + Landon sledded for a while. We had a blast!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

The boys woke up Christmas morning at home (around 7) to find lots of goodies from Santa. Landon's big item was a Spiderman bike, which he was super-excited about. Carter's big gift was a Little People barn that they've both enjoyed. They also received puzzles, books, tool sets and tractors.

Then we loaded up the car and headed north to Virginia. First stop, Nannie & Papa's. Santa came to visit there too! Carter got a really cool fire truck. And Landon got a Batcave, which I believe is his most favorite thing so far. He has played with it non-stop. The boys received lots of nice things from Nannie and Papa. I think the coolest were the shoes. Landon got Batman Converse - these shoes are awesome. Carter got a little pair of Elmo slip-ons. They are a tad bit big so they are still in the box...he keeps pulling them out of the box and walking around with them. The little boy loves some Elmo! Oh, and I got a pair of Uggs. Real ones...not fake Uggs aka Fuggs! :)

After a big lunch and time with family, we drove to Christopher's parent's where the boys racked up with even more! Landon got a cool Play-dough Ice Cream Shop and Carter got a cement mixer with balls (the balls were a huge hit!).

Ashley has a very unhealthy obsession with Nutcrackers. She's counted them...she has over 100! Here's the newest addition!!!

The Bagley women made pizzas for supper, a tradition. We have a picture like this for the past 4 or 5 years.

And there's no way to say "Happy Birthday baby Jesus" than shots of vodka! I'll take the blame for being a bad influence...I made them! First we all took a shot of Citron vodka, which wasn't too bad.

But then we decided to try a makeshift Lemon Drop. We didn't have lemons, so in comes the make-shift part. We sliced an orange and coated it with sugar. We all took a shot of regular vodka (yikes!) and finished it off with a suck on the sugar-coated orange. That went from a sting to hurting pretty quickly. But we had some laughs...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

I've been a lazy blogger this past week, but I sure have been enjoying myself. I am off of work and enjoying some time with my boys. Time to catch you up on the Christmas festivities...

Here's a few cute pictures of the boys the day before Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve was filled with many old traditions, and a few new.

We attended our church's family-friendly Christmas Eve service (meaning the kids attend "big church" with us opposed to going to their classes). Beth, Mike and Olive joined us too. It was a beautiful service and the kids were well behaved. Not so beautiful was the mucous/milk mixture that Carter threw up in my lap in the middle of service (let's hope we don't make that one a tradition...although Landon threw up his 2nd Christmas too). After church (and a quick shower for me and Carter Bear), the Wright's joined us for a pot roast supper. This is a new tradition worth keeping. We all stay in NC on Christmas Eve so it's nice to still be able to get together with family.

After supper, we exchanged ornaments: a Hulk comic book one for Christopher, an Italy "door" (last in the series) for me, a Batman ornament for Landon and a Little Engine That Could one for Carter - he loves trains. We sprinkled out reindeer food (and can I say luckily I vacuumed up the half that Landon spilled in the foyer...otherwise Santa's reindeer may have stampeded the door), and finished up with a reading of "Twas The Night Before Christmas". By the way, Carter did have on Christmas PJs to match Landon's...but he threw up a 2nd time all over them.

We left milk and cookies out for the big guy.

Even though Landon didn't fall asleep until 10:30, Santa was still able to stop by and left lots of goodies for the boys.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Will Santa Ever Come?

How is Santa supposed to come when your 4-year old is still bouncing off the walls at 10:15 pm? He's been in his bed for over an hour but will not fall asleep! I remember being that excited as a kid. One of my best memories is waking up around 2am because I was just so excited, sneaking in my sister's room to wake her up, and she'd let me crawl in the bed with her because it wasn't quite time to wake up yet. That is super-cool when your sister is a teenager and you're only like 8.


Here's a conversation between Christopher, Landon and me at lunch today:

K: Are you excited about Santa coming tonight?
K: What do you think he will leave for you?
L: I don't know!
C: Do you think he'll leave you switches?
L: YES! I want switches!
*K & C very confused*
L: For when our switches get old.
*K still very confused*
L: (Pointing to the light switch on the wall) Those switches.

*On a side note: if you ask Landon what Christmas is all about, he tells you without a pause that its about Jesus and when he was born. I'm glad he gets it. I hope everyone out there gets it. While Santa and presents are nice, remember the real reason for tomorrow's celebration. Jesus was born! Dude, He's awesome.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Book Worm

Every time I turn around, Carter is in his room looking at books.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gingerbread House

Landon and I put together and decorated a Gingerbread house. This was Landon's (and my!!!) first time doing a Gingerbread house. We had a really good time putting it together. And thanks to Christopher for figuring out the construction part (I had the roof as the sides and the sides as the roof!).

The poor thing didn't last very long in my house. Christopher and Landon tore into it within a day!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

School Christmas Party

Last Friday, Landon and Carter's daycare had a Christmas party. There were lots of fun things to do...

And Santa paid a visit. Landon was all smiles...but Carter was a different story!

Funny story about Landon's visit with Santa: When asked what he wanted for Christmas, he told Santa that he wanted a "Spiderman motorcycle bike". Later in the car, he said to me (very distraught) "Mommy, I told Santa the wrong thing. What if he gets my order wrong?"!!! I told him that he could talk to Snakey the Sneaky Elf and he would clear it up with Santa for him. A little bit later, I heard him say to Snakey "Hey Snakey. I told Santa I wanted a Spiderman motorcycle bike, but what I was trying to say was a Spiderman bike. Can you tell him that for me? Thanks.". Let's hope Santa gets his order right!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taking In The World

Carter Bear loves looking out of our windows and doors. And I just can't resist capturing that sweet face...and ear and fingers and curls.