Friday, April 30, 2010

That Dirty 3 Letter Word

I'm not sure when or exactly how this happened. All I know is that I want it to stop. I have said numerous times on my blog how my boys grow up too fast. You hear it all of the time from parents. Landon will be 4 next month. FOUR! He is leaving toddler-dom and entering boy-dom. No one looks at him in the store anymore and says awww, your baby is so cute. He tends to get overlooked since he's not that cute little baby that sits there and smiles and babbles at you. He goes to flippin' Kindergarten next summer for goodness sakes! Okay, I have to slow down. I can't handle that discussion right now. The point is he's not a baby anymore and he dropped a bomb on me to prove it...he started calling me MOM. No more Mommy. MOM. M-O-M. What? Teenagers do that! Not you, my sweet little tiny baby boy. And what made you decide that I'm Mom and not Mommy? Please hand my heart back to me so I can replace it in my chest.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Perfection is Overrated!

Typically at this point (when babies are downing ~8 oz per feeding), Moms have to tap into their frozen milk supply to keep up. And because I am so special, I don't have that luxury (read the story here of my convenient milk issue).

I knew I was going to have to supplement with formula at some point. I had talked to my pediatrician about it recently and she suggested making half breast milk/half formula bottles. So this week after much hesitation and guilt, I sent a half and half bottle to school. Carter didn't even notice that it was different (big sigh of relief)!!!

I felt like a failure and was feeling so guilty for having to do this. But then I thought about my struggles with breast milk and how I've rocked it out this long (without having a frozen stash to tap into, might I add!). And it's not like I've stopped nursing him (no, that drama will come in a few months). I'm just sending 2-3 half & half bottles to daycare a week to keep up. And there's nothing wrong with formula anyway! Landon was on formula from 4 months on. Why do moms beat themselves up over things like this? We want to do everything perfect and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We always try to fulfill unrealistic expectations. We worry about what kind of mom others think we are. We compare ourselves to other moms. I struggle with this every day. I am not a perfect person or a perfect mom. I just need to remember that I love my children, want the very best for them and do every thing I can to the best of my ability keeping them in mind.

I Scream, You Scream...

We all scream for ice cream (especially when it's buy one blizzard, get one for 25 cents)!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Carter's Moving On Up

Carter's latest trick is standing. He can stand for quite a while by himself when holding on to something. One step closer to mobility (oh no!).


I really enjoy reading and used to do a lot of it. The only time I get to read now is while I am nursing Carter at bedtime so you can imagine how long it takes me to get through a book! I typically stick to chick lit, a good Nicolas Sparks romance, novels that were recently made into a blockbuster movie, & anything to do with vampires. Pretty light reading that doesn't provoke much thought. After a tiring day at work and 2 kids at home, I don't want to think too much.

But for some reason, I've had a wild hair to enlighten myself. I found Time's list of All-Time Top 100 Novels (from years 1923 to present) and am going to try to tackle it. I've got a few chick lits checked out of the library that I need to get through first, but then off I go. It'll take a while, but I'm going to try it. I've checked off 5 already (is that sad that I've only read 5 of the top 100 novels of all time?).

Wish me luck (and hopefully it'll go better than the time I decided to read The Grapes of Wrath...that took 6 months and lots of groans and moans)!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pump It Up!

As a working nursing mother, I have to pump during the day at work. I lovingly refer to my pump as the ol' ball & chain. (I will have a 'No More Pumping' party when done - you're invited!) I have the luxury of my own office so I can shut & lock my door and pump in my office. I try to continue working as best as I can while pumping, usually using the one-hand method. The other day I had a few phone calls to make. I left a message with a fellow employee on her voicemail (a former pumper), and got this email from her about 30 minutes later...

"Were you pumping while you were leaving the voice message for me? :)"

What can I say...I'm a multi-tasker. But note to self for future reference.

Bagley Cousins

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walk MS 2010

The Bagley Bunch walked in our 3rd MS walk this past Saturday. It was a very pleasant day for the walk...not too hot and the rain held off for us.

The MS Society is still processing our final donations, but we are very close to our team goal of $2500! I personally raised ~$800 (I got the most awesome t-shirt as a member of the Gold Club, those who raised more than $500, that says 'I'm Kind of a Big Deal'!). Many thanks to all of you who donated to our team this year, and kept our family in your thoughts and prayers.

*We can continue to take donations through June 1st so it's not too late if you still want to donate!*

Every year, we pick a theme that involves the word "bunch". This year our team slogan was "A-corny Bunch of Bagleys Walking for MS". We decorated our team tent with acorns with pictures of years past.

The opening ceremony was very moving as thousands gathered at the start line and released balloons in honor of all people living with MS. Carter was in awe of the balloons. It is a really awesome feeling to see all of those people gathered for the same reason, to fight this terrible disease that affects my family.

After our 3 mile walk, Landon enjoyed playing in the Kid Zone on the inflatables.

Here's the reason we walk...

And for the 3rd year in a row, we won Best Team T-shirt!!! (it's kind of our claim to fame)

Team captains with the model faces

Me & my boys

Sweet Olive slept through most of her 1st walk! Isn't she stylin'?

Carter was pooped by the end of the day, as were the rest of the Bagley Bunch! (he and Olive had matching tye-died onesies that Beth and I made that said Bagley Bunch Baby)

We will continue to do everything we can to fight MS...volunteering at the Society, raising awareness, educating, raising money, participating in events, etc. It won't get the best of my mother-in-law and our family.

Carter's 9 Month Check-Up

On Friday, Carter went to the pediatrician for his 9 month check-up. The doctor said he is in "stellar" health. Even though Carter is a little slow doing things, the doctor was pleased with his progress since his last visit (yeah - no physical therapy!!!). Since his 6 month appointment, he has learned to sit up independently and put weight on his legs. He showed off for the doctor and stood almost his entire appointment! During the next 3 months, we are going to work on crawling, continue breast-feeding (and supplement with 1/2 formula, 1/2 breast milk bottle if needed), practice with a sippy cup and introduce soft table foods like pasta, couscous, stewed fruits, eggs, rice, etc.

His stats on April 23rd:

Weight: 19 lbs 0 oz (25th percentile)
Height: 28 in (30th percentile)
Head circumference: 43.5 cm (8th percentile)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Landon's 1st Dentist Appointment

My big boy went to the dentist for the very first time today. He was a little apprehensive at first, but was okay once Mommy laid in the dentist chair and he could sit in my lap. He did great for the hygienist who brushed and flossed his teeth, and painted on some weird fluoride treatment (I appreciated the paint-on kind because apparently if they swallow any of the liquid kind, they usually yak in the car). He didn't mind the spit sucker, but wasn't too fond of the water thing. The dentist counted all 20 teeth and said they looked great. Props to Mommy and Daddy for brushing them like a tooth nazi. I also had the dentist talk to Landon about candy (he's a candyholic like his Daddy), and he explained all about "sugar bugs". I was pretty sure it sank in. Because Landon was a great patient, he received 2 tokens to use in the Treasure Tower (bubble gum machines filled with toy treats like tattoos, parachute men, balls, etc.). Landon walked up to it and said "Mommy, is there candy in there?". Okay, so maybe the sugar bug talk didn't sink in.

I Heart the Morrisville Fire Dept.

As a thank-you to the Morrisville Fire Department for bailing me out recently (read that story here), Landon, Carter and I took some cookies by the station on Monday afternoon.

Landon received the grand tour of the fire station from Mister Eddie. These guys were AWESOME with Landon and words could never express how appreciative I am. Landon pretty much stood there in awe just soaking it all in...quiet as a mouse (which says a lot for him!).

He got to see their kitchen and bedrooms.

He also got to climb up in all 3 engines (front & back) and try on the gloves, hold the flashlights, and even hold the water hose. He learned a lot about the engines from Mister Eddie.

When we were leaving, he got a Fire Chief fire helmet and an invite to come back and have lunch with them!

I thanked Mister Eddie and he told me that he remembered what it was like when he was a little boy. This was such a wonderful experience for Landon and I am so thankful for good people like the guys out at Morrisville Fire Department.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There's Ants In My Pants

Our "perfect" day in the sun on Sunday had a not-so-perfect end. While laying in the grass snapping pictures of Carter, I laid my foot on top of a tiny little ant, who packed a very big punch. Have you ever been bitten by an ant? I think I'd rather be bitten by a snake! These tiny things can really do a number on you. The bites blister, itch horribly and stick around for weeks. Here's the damage (2 days later):

Fishing Fun

Sunday morning my boys and I went over to fish in the pond at Daddy's work. Beth, Mike and baby Olive met us there too.

Landon started off intent on catching a fish.

But he quickly lost interest and moved on to the Dunkin Donuts that Aunt Beth brought!

Carter and Olive soaked up some rays while Landon and Beth inspected a toad.

Carter and I enjoyed laying in the grass on this perfect, lazy, warm Sunday morning.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brownie Points for Christopher

Christopher came home with these for me on Friday...for no reason at all.

I Know I'm Biased...But OMG...They Are So Cute!

L.O.V.E. these precious faces. All capital letters.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tat For Me

I've been wanting a tattoo for a few years. By the time I figured out what I wanted and where, I was pregnant with Carter and thought they'd frown upon a prego waddling up in a tattoo shop. Since then I've been a little weary of getting tatted while nursing. With Carter nearing his first birthday (and end of breastfeeding days), I am excited thinking about getting my first tattoo. I've decided on the Chinese symbol for mother (and yes, this does mean mother...I've had a Chinese friend verify) to go on the inside of my left wrist.

Bye Bye

Here's a short clip of one of Carter's latest tricks...saying & waving byebye. Love, love, love that chubby little hand!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are You Telling The Truth?

Christopher and I tag team bath time - I usually wash Carter and he washes Landon. Christopher is also notorious for doing a very poor job washing Landon's face. And since Landon hates getting his face wet, it's a-okay with him if Daddy forgets. I always ask "Landon, did Daddy wash your face?" after the bath...I'll hear Christopher chuckle and Landon will get this surprised look on his face and reply "Oh no, he didn't...he forgot"!!! So every night I remind them both to wash Landon's face.

Tonight, I was already in our bedroom getting Carter's PJs on, and I yelled into the bathroom "Did you wash his face?". Christopher answered yes. Then I heard Landon whisper to him "Daddy, are you telling the truth?"!!!!!

Bye Bye Bouncer

Is it time to retire the bouncer when this happens?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

MS Walk in One Week!!! Please Help The Bagley Bunch!

The MS Walk is coming up this weekend and The Bagley Bunch is still fundraising. If you'd like to donate, simply click here. We need all of the help we can get...our team is about $1000 below our goal right now! Thank you for your unwaivering support!!!

Why do the Bagleys care so much about MS? Read the story here.

A Little Outdoor Fun With My Boys

And one just to prove that I was there (I'm never in the pictures...I'm always behind the camera!!!)...