Friday, December 4, 2009

Boo-hoo, My Baby Has An A-choo!

Another milestone...but this one doesn't make Mommy very happy. *sigh* Carter has his first cold. He's got a cough, really snotty nose, won't eat very well and is pretty cranky. If Carter is crying, there's gotta be something wrong! He just looks so pitiful - it breaks my heart.

I took him to the doctor today just to make sure it hadn't gone into an ear infection. Not looking forward to starting that again (Landon had 1/month...even after tubes!). His ears looked fine (but did you know that ears can go from looking fine to infected in a few hours!) and the doctor said he has a virus. He recommended saline nasal drops, suctioning his nose, vaporizer, propping him up to sleep, Tylenol if he seems uncomfortable and TLC.

My poor, poor Carter.

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