Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowed In

We headed up to Blacksburg, VA Thursday night for Ashley's graduation from VT.

We bundled up and rode the bus to campus on Friday morning - Landon enjoyed the bus ride.

When we arrived on campus, we visited the memorial in honor of the 32 killed during the April 2007 VT massacre - 32 pieces of Hokie Stone laid in a semicircle at the drillfield, each labeled with the name of a victim. It was very saddening for me to have to explain to Landon why those "rocks" were there. His response: "Mommy, that is so horrible."

We proudly watched Ashley walk across the stage and earn her B.S. in Human Development, with honors.

Note to self: always, always, always charge the camera battery before important events!!! (This will explain the lack of pictures at graduation.)

As we were on the bus returning to Ashley's, the snow began to fall. Within 15 minutes, the ground was covered. And the snow continued to fall, and fall and fall until we had 14 inches! The roads leading back to NC were shut down, so we were officially snowed in! We filled our time by eating, playing games and watching movies. Landon enjoyed playing in the snow: making snow angels, snowball fights, getting in a "cave" dug out by Uncle Mike, & making a snowman. Even though we all got a little case of cabin fever (10 people in a small townhouse, including a sick 5 month old, a cooped up 3 year old boy & 2 dogs that fight over food is rather interesting), I am glad Landon could have some fun in the snow. We don't see that much in Cary, NC.

We were able to attend a FREE VT basketball game on Saturday night. So we all loaded up in our 2 4WD trucks and made it over to Cassell Coliseum. It was a lot of fun!!! Landon really enjoyed his first VT basketball game...but I think he enjoyed dancing and singing to the music played during time-outs even more! And Carter enjoyed watching most of the game, but fell asleep for most of the second half.

We were able to get on the roads and head home on Sunday. It was fun, but there's no place like home.

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