Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Sweet Life of a Mom

The past few weeks of sickness, lack of sleep and stress has worn me down so I decided I needed a little R&R tonight. A little time with me, myself and I. After the boys were in bed and Christopher was gaming with his headphones on, I decided to draw a nice, hot bath. I added some Eucalyptus Spearmint bath milk to the water - known for its stress relieving properties. I turned off the lights and lit some candles. Dark, quiet, perfect. No one asking me where his motorcycle key or belt is (I do not use these items - they are always where you left them Christopher!), no one whining "Mommmmmmyyy", no one crying to be fed, no one barking to be let out, no one asking me another ComplianceWire or training question...just me. Alone to think of nothing. Alone to do nothing. Alone to say nothing. I slip in my garden tub...aaaahhhhhhh...and 3 balls, a tugboat, a watering can, 2 cups and a Little Einsteins Rocket & Leo fall on top of me.....the sweet life of a mom.

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