Friday, January 22, 2010

The Sweet Life of a Mom

Here's how I spent my Friday night (after getting the boys in bed)...

~Counting out the diapers I'd need for our traveling this weekend (by the hour...1 for 1:00, 1 for 3:00, 1 for 5:00, etc.)

~Attacking Mt. Laundry

~Making sure I have everything the boys need for the weekend travels: diaper cream, Tylenol (just in case), wipes, kid's toothpaste, baby food, rice cereal, snacks for Landon, sippy cup, bibs, soft baby spoons, toys/activities, and enough outfits, socks, undies and PJs to clothe an army (while I will probably forget underwear for myself completely)

~Washing sippy cups and bottles (Did someone break into my house just to throw their dirty bottles/sippy cups in my sink??? Where did all of these come from???)

~Disinfecting baby toys

~And my personal favorite - scalding 2 days worth of breastmilk, cooling it and then putting in storage bags to freeze (trying to deactivate this crazy enzyme of mine) - which also included cleaning up a lot of spilled milk

The sweet life of a mom!

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