Friday, January 15, 2010

A wife, 2 kids and a picket fence

Landon has been transitioning this week into the next class at daycare and is moving up full-time today. The move doesn't bother's what does. I just realized that after this class, there's only 1 more. Just 1 more classroom!!! Then after that...Elementary School!!! He'll be leaving for big boy school in a year and a half! Really? How did he grow up so fast? Wasn't he just learning to roll over and sit up? Where does the time go? I know that sounds so cliche but baby has grown up right before my eyes. His babyhood is forever gone. I'm having a hard time with this. Pretty soon, he won't want me to cut his sandwiches into trapezoids...then that turns into not wanting his friends to see me give him a kiss and hug good-bye or even our cute little "I love you" fingers that we match up to each other...that turns into him not wanting me to pick out his clothes or see him naked...then that turns into girls, attitudes and fast cars (and probably motorcycles in our case)...then he'll leave for college and not want to come home to visit his boring parents...then he'll move to the West coast, get a job and find the love of his life. I don't know how I just got from a 3/4s class at daycare to him living in Oregon with a wife, 2 dogs and a baby on the way! I want him to have a great life filled with love and happiness...but can't he find that at home with his Mommy? Is that a little unhealthy? :)

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