Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Greatest Show On Earth

We took Landon to his first circus this past week. We left Carter at home with Aunt Beth so we could give Landon 100% of our attention.

There were tigers (Spanish-speaking ones by the way), and tightropes, and women shooting out of cannons (my personal favorite), and elephants, and clowns, etc. etc. etc.

Landon obsessed over the where-abouts of the "girl clown" the whole show! I don't know what he found so fascinating about her but needed to know her 20 every minute.

According to Landon, his favorite part was the confetti that they shot out at the end. When it shot out, he looked up in awe and said "sooooo pretty". He's been busy cutting up construction paper today and throwing it up in the air like at the circus!

Here's my 2 cents: they try to money-rape you there. You've already paid $50 for tickets, then have to pay $10 to park, then $9 got us a box of popcorn and a bottle of water to share. Of course, they are walking around with cotton candy and hats and glow sticks for the price of your first-born son. And of course he wanted everything he saw. And Mommy's infamous reply, no that's too expensive. Landon has a pretty good grasp on what "too expensive" means and will drop it. I have actually had him ask me in Walmart if something was expensive. But he has a soft spot for glow sticks and they had the mother of all glow sticks...ones that light up and spin and blink and are shaped like swords, etc. He asked for one and asked for one and asked for one...every time the guy came around. I literally wanted to push the guy down the stairs. I figured they're probably $10...still a lot of money in my opinion but I'd consider it. So we told him we'd take a look at them when we left. Yeah well...those things are $20!!! For a glow stick that will probably break before we could exit the building!!! He whined for about a minute but got over it. We promised we'd get him something way cool the next time we are at Walmart. Here's my advice to parents...go to Walmart or the Target dollar spot or the Dollar Tree and pick up some glow sticks, take them with you to an event like that and then when they come around teasing that $20 glow stick in your child's face, you can whip out your own, snap it and hand it over. Perfect!

Enjoy my video montage of the circus highlights.

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