Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Boys Wear Undies at Bedtime

Landon has been potty trained for about a year and a half (since he was a few months over 2 years old) but we've had to keep pull-ups on him at night. He used to get a sippy cup of milk and a sippy cup of water at bedtime (he could keep the water in his bed all night to drink when he woke up thirsty). Then we slowly decreased the milk we gave him to about 5 swallows and only gave him a small sippy cup of water. Then we went to no milk and a small amount of water (but he quickly learned that he could drink it all, get a little more from Daddy, drink that, and then get a little more from me later). There was also a period in there where we actually switched to undies...but I quickly wore out from waking up with him in the middle of the night, cleaning him up, changing him, changing sheets, and washing sheets almost every day...all at about 8 months pregnant. So we went back to pull-ups. He would have periods where he'd wake up dry every morning, then periods where he'd wake up soaking wet. He seems to sleep so heavy that he can't rouse himself to go to the bathroom at night. The poor kid stays so thirsty (like his Daddy)...and I can't stand anything more than waking up thirsty! Approaching his 4th birthday, I really want to get the pull-ups off of him so a few days ago we made a rule: Nothing to drink after supper. It's been a rough few nights as he whines and cries for water but we are holding strong. Poor thing said me tonight "Mommy just a little bit...just a tiny mouth is soooo dry". He has woken up dry each night since we've started. We're going to do this one more week and then hopefully switch over to undies. Wish us luck!

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