Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home Improvement Project

This past weekend we installed hardwood flooring in our living room with the help of the fam. Grandma & Grandpa came down from VA, and Uncle Mike brought his handy-man skills (plug for Mike: if you have a honey-do list that needs completing, he can do him feed his new baby!!!).

We didn't start the day off too well. First, Christopher & Grayson drove over to the Cary Home Depot to rent the nail gun to realize that they don't rent them at that one (wasted trip # 1). Then everyone drove over to Raleigh for Christopher & Mike's flag football game to find that it was cancelled due to a wet field (wasted trip # 2).

Then there was the finger incident...

Grandpa & Landon were pulling staples up out of the floor with pliers. Landon started to walk over to me with pliers in hand, tripped over the vacuum cleaner cord, and fell flat. Nancy and I both saw his wrist fold under and thought for sure his wrist was broken. He started wailing. Grandpa helped him up and was telling him to "shake it off" (our famous line for Landon to try to help him become a manly man). I knew by the look on his face as he ran over to me that there was no shaking this off. I picked him up, asked him to show me where it hurts, and immediately ran over to the sink once I saw the blood pouring off of his hand. The blood really freaked him out so I kept a towel on it for a little while, mainly to apply pressure to slow/stop the bleeding but also to hide the blood from him. It looks like his finger got pinched/cut in the pliers when he fell. The skin at his fingertip is cut and peeled back, there's a huge blood blister/bruise at the first joint and the nail is a little raised. The bleeding finally stopped so I decided brightly colored & Handy Manny band-aids, Tylenol and Mommy's kisses could do the trick.

Landon was a big helper...even with a banged up finger!

Grandma helped keep Carter entertained by playing patty-cake.

Before putting down the floor, we drew with chalk on the liner underneath the floor. If anyone ever takes up the floor, they'll find a TV (we had to watch something while we were eating lunch), 2010 gas price, and a chalk outline of Landon and Uncle Mike. As you can probably tell, Landon drew Uncle Mike's outline...he doesn't really have a shrunken head and elephantiasis of the hand!

Carter was the foreman supervising the job and keeping everyone in line.

After a long 8-hour day, the guys had 3/4 of the room done. We all slept pretty good that night!

Here's the before and after...

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