Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are You Telling The Truth?

Christopher and I tag team bath time - I usually wash Carter and he washes Landon. Christopher is also notorious for doing a very poor job washing Landon's face. And since Landon hates getting his face wet, it's a-okay with him if Daddy forgets. I always ask "Landon, did Daddy wash your face?" after the bath...I'll hear Christopher chuckle and Landon will get this surprised look on his face and reply "Oh no, he didn't...he forgot"!!! So every night I remind them both to wash Landon's face.

Tonight, I was already in our bedroom getting Carter's PJs on, and I yelled into the bathroom "Did you wash his face?". Christopher answered yes. Then I heard Landon whisper to him "Daddy, are you telling the truth?"!!!!!

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