Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend full of fun, family & love.

Friday night, my boys & I went on a nice walk and talked about the true meaning of Easter with Landon. I loved having him correct me that they rolled away a stone, not a big rock! I'm pretty proud that my little man is growing and developing spiritually.

Saturday morning, Landon helped Daddy pick up a load of compost for the garden. He had a blast watching the diggers at the garden center. The boys worked hard shoveling it out into the garden. Then Landon and I planted a few things in mini-pots...daisies, strawberries & Christmas trees (random, I know). We finished up our day at church, celebrating the rising of our Saviour.

Sunday morning, Landon loved tearing through his Easter basket filled with goodies. Some of his favorite things were the Toy Story DVD, Spiderman stamp & Spiderman tattoos. Carter finally woke up later and looked through his! Sleepyhead! Landon & I had fun dyeing Easter eggs after breakfast.

Then we headed up to VA to my parent's. We enjoyed a nice lunch with the family. (PS - to show you how much Rhina rocks, she made an entire hot meal (roast, butter peas, fried squash, ham, deviled eggs, etc.) with no stove or oven! Her kitchen is being redone and all she has to work with is a crock-pot, electric griddle & microwave.)

After lunch, the kids took off on their annual Easter Egg hunt (stay out of their way as they blast out of the front door!!!). And as always, the adults walked all around the front yard trying to find the missing eggs (with $$$ inside) because Rhina couldn't remember where she hid them all!

Carter wasn't too fond of the grass!

The next 4 pictures trip me out...trying to get 6 kids to stay still and smile for a group picture is a challenge. And we could tell that Landon was needing a nap!!!


My boys

Daddy wanted to take the kids fishing on the farm after the hunt. The kids had a good time even though Christopher was the only one to catch any fish. Landon said "I caught zero"!

Potty breaks in the country...

I hope your weekend was as blessed as mine!

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