Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fire Department to the Rescue

One of the most embarrassing things happened to me today. And all I can do is laugh about it.

I had to pick up Clark today so I drove Christopher's truck to work so I could fit all 3 car seats in the back (PS - I wouldn't have to do this if I had an Odyssey!). After work, I went out to the parking lot, unlocked Christopher's truck with the key fob and opened the front passenger door. I loaded all of my things inside [at this point, the locking sound that I heard should have alarmed me], reached across to crank the truck and turn on the AC, then closed the door. I tried to open the back passenger door to put Clark's booster seat in to find it locked. hmmmmmm. Tried to open front passenger door. Locked. hmmmmm. Walked around to the driver's door. Locked. CRAP!!! The truck is running and the keys are locked inside and we have no spare key!!!!!

So after a quick freak-out in the parking lot, I walked back inside to my office (my cell was locked inside the truck). A guy in the breakroom told me that he thought that the police would unlock your car if it was running. So I called the town police, but they told me they couldn't unless there was someone inside. I asked if I lied and said there was someone inside would they come? She said I asked if there was anyone else that could help and she said to try the fire department. So I called the Town of Morrisville Fire Department. They asked where I was, made sure no one was in the car, and said that they were on their way. I begged them not to drive the fire truck but they said they had to. So 10 minutes later...the biggest, longest, RED fire engine rolls up in the work parking lot. At 4:45. While everyone was leaving...and seeing this. Now where did I put that rock that I can crawl under? They opened it in about 1 minute free of charge (I think they only do this if the car is running because it's a safety hazard). I thanked them immensely and sent them on their way with a quickness.

So thank you Town of Morrisville Fire Department. Even though you seriously embarrassed me with your flashy fire engine, you saved the day!!! I'm going to bake them some cookies and take them by soon!

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