Friday, April 2, 2010

Not Vibing With the Vibe

Flash back to March 2002. Just got married. Living on my own with the new hubby. Had a great paying job for a 22-year old. So naturally I wanted to make that big, first purchase with my own money. Miss Independent! Something shiny and new!

At the time I was driving an '88 Honda Accord that my Daddy bought me in high school (no car payment...what was I thinking?!?!). So I started looking at cars. They were promoting the Pontiac Vibe during March Madness. It was the first year the car was made, and there were none others like it out there yet. It was cute and very European looking. So I bought it...a 2003 Pontiac Vibe. I was hot stuff! I think they first year I had it, I maybe saw 5 others on the roads.

Enter my first life lesson: never buy a car the first year they make it. Apparently, my year-model of the Vibe has some issues with the catalytic converter (not a cheap thing to fix at about $800). We just put the 3rd catalytic converter in my car recently, but probably could have put a few more in...I've just been driving around with the check engine light on and Christopher resets the battery to turn off the light in order to get it to pass inspection every year.

Then there's the back hatch door... One day it just didn't open...with my huge stroller stuck in the back. We can't get it out of the small window part of the hatch (that will open), and can't get it out by pulling it through the back seat without taking the car seats out. My groceries go back there. I use the back on a daily basis. I need to get in and out of this easily since I have no room in the front of my car.

Did I mention that it also has 268,000 miles on it. She's been a good little car...but it's time to move on.

I have my eye on a new "car". I am turning into that type of mom...the one that drives a MINIVAN. I drool over the Honda Odessy and all of it's gadgets and gizmos. Doors that open and shut themselves! And the room!!! When we pick up Landon's friend, I could actually fit all 3 car/booster seats!!! And the new Town & Country...hello, a table with chairs that swivel around to it?!?!?!

The plan is to wait until July 2011 when Landon is out of daycare (omg - can't talk about that...that's a whole nother post) and then we can afford another car payment.

In March, the Vibe was coming due for an inspection, it needed a new cat, and the hatch was broken so it didn't even seem worth it to put all of that money into it. Christopher started looking at used vans on-line. I almost had him... And then, like a little miracle from above my hatch started working again. Oh thank you, angels of no new car for you!!!

So we put a new cat in (Christopher talked him down to $600) and got it inspected. Now we're back to me waiting til next year.

Oh but hatch stopped working again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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