Sunday, May 2, 2010

Laid Back or Just Lazy?

Since Carter was born, I have begun to wonder some things about myself. I was very on-point when it came to Landon. Everything was organized, clean, on time, exact, etc. Not so much with Carter.

A few recent conversations got me thinking...

Exhibit A: my friend Jess (1st time mom) & I were talking about making rice cereal:
J: So you just do 1 tablespoon of rice cereal to 4 tablespoons of breast milk?
K: Ummmm...I don't really measure it. I just add some until it looks right.

Exhibit B: my SIL Beth (1st time mom) & I discussing sterilization:
B: So how often do you sterilize your pump parts?
K: Hmmmm...maybe I should do that.

What has happened to me? Have I gotten laid back because this is my 2nd child? Or have I just gotten lazy and worn-out...because it's my 2nd child?

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  1. They always say that you get more laid back with your second. I heard it described as this. When your first born drobs the pacifier you rush to the sink to scrub it before giving it back. When your second born drops the pacifier you give it a quick wipe with your shirt. When your third born drops the pacifier you pop it in their mouth and keep trucking.