Sunday, May 9, 2010

Queen For A Day

My boys treated me extra special on Mother's Day.

To answer your first question, yes I did get to sleep past 7 am! Landon (who is my early-riser) slept until 6:58. He crawled in bed with me and snuggled for an extra 30 minutes.

I was brought breakfast in bed (eggs, bacon, toast and juice) followed later by a Starbucks latte. And my boys presented me with gifts from the heart...

Carter made this pot at school...the ladybugs are his fingerprints! Isn't that the sweetest!!!

And this questionnaire from school, where Landon's teacher asked him questions about his Mommy and they recorded his answers.
  • What is your Mommy's name? Katherine
  • What does she do? Play
  • How old is she? 13
  • What does Daddy call her? Katherine
  • What is her favorite color? Pink
  • What is her favorite food? Hot dogs (I think he confused this with his favorite food...every night when I ask what he wants for supper, he replies "hot dogs, macaroni & cheese and baked beans")
  • What is her favorite movie? Mickey Mouse
  • Where does she like to take you for fun? Movies
  • What is something she says a lot? I like hot dogs.
  • What message do you want to tell her for mother's day? I love her.
And Christopher, oh how you earned serious brownie points with this next one. My boys presented me with a box of random goodies accompanied with the following note:

Dear Mommy,
You are the best mommy in the whole world. I have put some stuff in this box to help you out since being a Mommy is such hard work.
  • a cotton ball to soften life's hard blows
  • a band-aid to help heal hurt feelings
  • an eraser to erase the mistakes you'll make along the way
  • some candy kisses to remind you how sweet & powerful our kisses can be
  • some Lifesaver candy so you can continue to send help our way whenever we need it
  • a candle to light your way when you have dark days
  • a quarter so you can call your own mom or friend anytime you need advice, a shoulder to cry on or a kind word
  • a toothpick to help you pick out the good qualities in us - even when we drive you crazy
  • a battery to give you extra energy when you are feeling drained
  • and just for you - a gift to let you know we are always with you even when you sleep
We love you Mommy.
Happy Mother's Day 2010
Landon & Carter

And my extra special gift was a pillowcase, with writing on one side and a picture of our family on the other drawn by Landon.

*Also, you'll notice a car in the box too...that was something special from Landon!

My day was perfect - surrounded by my favorite people in the whole world & smothered in kisses and love.

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  1. Okay seriously...that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard of! A little tear just messed up my mascara!