Sunday, June 6, 2010

All For A Coca-Cola

Just wondering if anyone other than me & my sister-in-law understand this...

When I am drinking a soda, sometimes I am in the mood to drink it out of the can but sometimes I want it out of a cup. And the cup matters...sometimes I'm in the mood for a plastic cup (and different plastic cups are different too) and sometimes I'm in the mood for a glass. And ice or no ice. And if it's a go for ice, there's crushed versus cubed.

Yes I am serious...

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  1. Ok so i know this is from a while ago but internet is back and I can now browse the world wide web from home!
    funny fact about me, i like whole ice cubes, not crushed, and in the wider glasses we have. it tastes so different in skinny glasses. Im like you where sometimes i want it in a bottle or a can!