Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Landon's 4th Birthday

On Friday, Landon and I played hooky from work & school to enjoy his special day together.

We started our day at Marbles museum. Marbles is a two-story, hands-on kids museum in downtown Raleigh. Downstairs is full of little areas for pretend play like an ambulance, fire truck, boat, post office, grocery store, kitchen, & pirate ship. Upstairs is geared towards kids a little bit older and include a wood shop, a Lego area, vehicle design space & a sports area including a Hurricanes ice hockey rink.

*PS - I could not for the life of me figure out how to put together a car for Landon to race. After unsuccessfully trying to copy a 7-year old boy's car, I had a dad start one for me! And just to add my husband was no help when I texted him. His response was..."Can you make an L? Make that and put on your forehead. Can you make that?"

Here's a little video montage of our time at Marbles.

After leaving Marbles, we took a rickshaw ride around downtown Raleigh.

We watched a movie together on the couch late that afternoon. And went to get ice cream with Daddy & Carter after Landon's favorite supper (hot dogs, mac & cheese and baked beans).

It was a great day with my little guy...I guess I should say big guy. I didn't have a care in the world or any distractions other than Landon and having fun. I acted like a silly kid all day and laughed so much that my side was sore the next day!

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