Friday, June 4, 2010

X Marks The Spot

We have discovered the fun world of geocaching. Landon best describes it as a treasure hunt. Basically, there are little treasures out there EVERYWHERE. People hide random things in different types of containers (ammo boxes, cans, toothpick canisters, etc) along with a log. Using the published coordinates and a GPS, you locate the cache, sign the log and replace it just the way you found it. On Memorial Day, we tried it out on a few local greenways and found 5 out of 5 caches! It was a blast!

*There are some that are a little difficult when you have 2 kids with you. Some aren't so kid-friendly when it comes to accessibility. There was one instance where Christopher had Landon on his hip, and I had Carter on mine and we were trekking though the woods looking for a cache!

Landon finding his first treasure. This was a kid-friendly cache right off of the greenway trail, in a magnetic key box on the back of the park bench.

Whatcha got big brother?

Here's another cache of the day.

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