Saturday, July 17, 2010


Dear Pump,

It's over. Plain & simple. We are finished. I am ending this relationship between us. You have consumed my life for the past year. And I am here to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! You have made it impossible for me to be flexible, travel lightly, and go to bed at a decent hour. Every time I get on a roll at work, I have to stop because of you. I am always washing you. Okay, I will admit - you had a purpose to serve. But did you have to be so time-consuming while serving that purpose? And did you have to be such a pain? You never were quite only could work at certain speeds and you did almost catch on fire one day. I guess a thank you is in order. Again, you did serve a very important purpose. But I am jumping for joy to say GOOD RIDDANCE. I am taking my life back. We are done.


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