Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Bagley Plague

We've had the plague roll through the Bagley household.

I'm recovering from a sinus infection, with the aid of good drugs. Christopher and Landon both had a short round of a cold, but are feeling better.

Carter has had a runny nose and cough the past few days, but he also just cut a tooth so I figured that all came as a package deal. Daycare called yesterday to say that he woke up from his nap with his eye completely crusted shut. So I took him to the doctor, got the good ol diagnosis of bacterial pink eye (which is caused by a cold) and got some drops. I also talked with the doctor about a round of coughing Carter had at 4am the night before - I seriously thought there was a dog or a seal in the house...he was literally barking. The doctor said that the croup was going around and it would be safe to give him a 1-dose round of oral steroid to knock it out before it gets bad.

*warning: this next paragraph may be
TMI for some of you*

Then my poor Landon. He has been screaming for 2 days trying to poop. There is a cluster of hard balls of poop at his hiney that is too big to come out. And he SCREAMS trying to go. The doctor recommended a glycerin suppository to help lubricate it. I picked that up at the local drug store last night. I think Christopher's exact words to me were "Yeah, have fun with that". After talking Landon into letting me do it, I did the deed (simultaneously earning a MOM badge) and he immediately said "I've got to go poop". He sat down and pooped screaming for joy that it didn't hurt! Glycerin suppository...I HEART you!!!

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  1. how come we didn't get a warning like that yesterday at lunch? hahahahahaha