Sunday, August 29, 2010

Landon's 1st Flag Football Game

Landon played his first flag football game this past Saturday. O.M.G. ya'll, it was total cuteness.

I have to say that I was VERY proud of him. I expected him to clutch onto my leg and whine that he didn't want to leave me. But my big boy ran over to his coaches and practiced for an hour, and played a game for an hour. He did great following their instructions.

We started the morning with a little drama trying to fit his mouthguard. Seriously - my 4 year old was required to wear a mouthguard. To fit it properly, you have to heat it up in boiling water, put it in and bite down, then cool it off to set it. Well Landon wasn't too keen on this thing at first. He didn't want to put it in while it was hot and he kept gagging. So I cut some (more like way too much) off the back so it wouldn't gag him and we finally got it fitted properly. We had him sit on the couch a while to get used to having it in, and he never thought twice about it again.

He did manage to pull a flag (off of one of his teammates), snap the ball once, and even play Running Back (the one that catches the ball and tries to run it down the field for a TD). Well, Landon is THE SMALLEST kid on his team...and they put the BIGGEST kid from the other team on him when he was RB. Landon just looked at this big kid coming towards him, stopped and stood needless to say, his flag wasn't a hard one to pull. I also enjoyed the look on his face when we told him that he could push back on the kid that was trying to block him. Really, I can push?!?! Note to self: make sure he understands the difference between pushing in football and pushing in other circumstances.

I think he had a GREAT first day playing an organized sport. I am impressed with the patience of his coaches and the professionalism and attitude of the league (check out i9 Sports here). I can't wait to see Landon's growth over the next 8 weeks.

*I will post his schedule & info soon in case anyone wants to come out to see him play (we have next week off for Labor Day).

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