Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Next? (probably shouldn't ask that)

All right ya'll...this is getting ridiculous!

Saturday morning, Carter woke up fever-free! Yay!!! An hour later, he started to develop a rash. It continued to get worse during the day and looked like this when he woke up this morning.

It's not bothering him at all and he's actually doing pretty good minus the fact that he looks like a leper. Christopher and I did a little researching and it's a textbook case of a virus called roseola. The child has a high fever for 3 days (check), the fever goes away and the rash appears (check). The rash doesn't itch and may last hours to a few days. There's nothing a doctor can do to treat it since it's viral. If he still has it tomorrow morning, I'm going to give his doctor a call but hopefully it'll be gone by then. The good news is that the rash is a sign that the virus is almost over! Let's keep our fingers crossed!

*On a side note, the rash is not contagious. It's actually contagious way before they even get the fever. But Landon won't go near him in fear that "Carter will rash him"!

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