Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seek and You Will Find

After Carter's haircut the other day, we all went to eat dinner at a chinese resturant. We had talked about "trying to find a treasure" (aka geocaching) afterwards if there was one close by. We all grabbed a fortune cookie on the way out and Landon's said "Seek and you will find". We narrowed our search area down to a line of leeland cypresses. We knew it was a microcontainer, which are very small, and it was probably hanging in one of the trees. These aren't usually hard to find but they take a while. The leelands are dense and have lots of low branches that are all over the place. Well my little geocacher walked right up to a tree and said "There it is!". After Christopher and I both looked for a few minutes, we finally found it too. Seek and you will find.

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