Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Landon's 5 Year Check-up

Landon visited his pediatrician and allergy/asthma specialist for his 5 year check-ups.

At the ped, his stats were:

Weight: 44.2 lbs. (75%)
Height: 43 1/4" (60%)
BP: 90/55

They tested his vision, hearing, smarts - all came out fine. The doctor also completed his Kindergarten physical (T minus 2 months!!!!).

Landon has been on Zyrtec (for allergies) and Singulair (for wheezing) since he was about 18 months. He hasn't had a wheezing episode since he was 3 and we are finally able to take him off of Singulair. Yay! They did allergy tests on him again, and all of his allergies have resolved except for his dust mite allergy, which is minor. If you've been around Landon for 10 minutes (or even listened closely to some videos where he is in the background), Landon clears his throat very frequently. However, he does it when he's concentrating hard on something, like TV or computer games, and even in his sleep. Zrytec keeps it under control. Because of this, his allergy/asthma doctor thinks it is legit and not a habit (I think that it is legit but he may do it more frequently than needed because he is used to doing it), and caused by his dust mite allergy. The doctor decided to keep him on Zyrtec. He has been back on that for about 2 weeks, however, he is still clearing his throat. Now I am wondering if it was a combo of the Zyrtec and Singulair that was helping him. I will give it another week or so and call the doctor back if it continues.

Our biggest issue with Landon was bedwetting. We've been through phases where he wets the bed every single night, and phases where he can stay dry for a week at a time. Changing and washing sheets every day is a pain! We had gotten back to the point where he had to wear pull-ups at night, which really embarrassed Landon. When we stopped his medicine before his allergy/asthma appointment, he stopped wetting the bed. A-ha! It's the medicine. I was nervous when putting him back on the Zyrtec, but knock on wood, he has been dry every night (and it's been over 2 weeks). It must have been a side effect of the Singulair. Glad to get that straightened out.


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