Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Under the Weather

I took Landon to the doctor yesterday around 4:00 for his 5 year check-up (post about that coming soon, but all was well). After the doctor, we visited the library, picked up pizza and went home to eat. All was good. Around 7:00, I sat on the couch with Landon and Carter reading books when Landon said that his head hurt. He commented on his head hurting 15 minutes later. About 30 minutes later when going upstairs to go to bed, he asked Christopher if he would give him a piggy back ride because he didn't feel like walking up the stairs. He was on fire! Out of nowhere, he started running a fever of 100 with no other symptoms.

I stayed home with him today where he maintained a fever between 99-100 even with Tylenol. It finally broke late afternoon and he was definitely feeling better. At bedtime, I took his temp again and it was back up to 101!

Grrrrrr. What is this?


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