Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our July 4th Celebration

Our Independence Day celebration was low-key as we had been up in Blacksburg, VA all weekend helping Ashley paint and move into her new house (no pictures because I forgot my camera!). So Uncle Mike, Aunt Beth and Olive came over for a cook-out and sparklers. It's all fun and games until the sparklers come out. Carter held his first sparkler, and was doing great, except for the fact that he tried to light everything on fire. Then he reached up and grabbed the lit end (I actually have this on video but had to cut it from my video below - I can't keep watching it). He burnt his thumb and first two fingers. Two blistered but we've been keeping burn gel on it, which he loves. He seems to be doing better and using his hand more today.

I have officially declared war on the sparklers.


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