Thursday, August 25, 2011

Staggered Entry

Landon goes to KINDERGARTEN today! I am considering today his "orientation". The school is splitting the K classes into 4 groups, sending one group each day for the next 4 days. The kids get acclimated to elementary school while the 4 K teachers assess them. After Tuesday's last staggered entry day is done, the teachers decide on the classes. On Wednesday, we go to school to meet his teacher from 11:30-1:00. Then next Thursday is his first official day of school.

He went to school today with his Batman backpack and a packed Spiderman lunch box. He is attending before and after school with the YMCA that actually meets at his school. Crossing my fingers that it goes smoothly for him...and for his mama. This is a big change for all of us.

And a completely unrelated picture of my 3 sweet boys with Grandma's kitty, Mojo.

UPDATE: Landon hopped out of the car, turned back at me, waved and said "Bye, Mommy!" and walked away with the YMCA guy this morning. Tears were shed...but not by Landon. And oh, everyone is telling me that it is not appropriate to call the school to check on him. But I need to know: Did he make it to his class okay? Is he using his manners? Is he playing nicely? Is he showing them how smart he is or clamming up? Has he been able to get his pants down okay to go potty (he insisted on wearing a belt this morning)? Did he do okay going into the big bathroom? Was his breakfast enough to hold him over until lunchtime? Did he get his lunch open okay...he may need help with opening his Lunchable, and make sure he doesn't open his after-school snack that I have labeled appropriately and told him not to eat during lunch. Did he have enough time to eat all of his lunch? And did he rememeber to get the completed form to his teacher (I had it taped on his lunchbox but it kept falling off so I put it inside of his lunchbox)? And did he get to his after-school area okay? And is he scared? Is he lonely? Is he making friends? Did someone help him open his water bottle for his after-school snack...unless he drank it during lunch?


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