Thursday, September 8, 2011

Landon's 1st "Real" Day of School

Landon went to Kindergarten for his "orientation" day, but officially started last Thursday, September 1.

He loves it!

Some facts about school per Landon:
  • Pretty much the only thing that I can get out of him that he does is play soccer and basketball (he made 2 baskets and they are much higher than Daddy's goal!).
  • There are twin girls that like him. How does he know that they like him? They follow him around all day.
  • He is friends with everyone in his class but he really likes playing with two boys, one is light-skinned and one is brown-skinned, but he doesn't know their name.
  • He really likes his teacher, Ms. Bailey because she is so sweet. And he never forgets her name.
  • Zachary gets in trouble.
  • Sand is an outside toy. It does not come inside.
  • You must wash your hands after playing with play-dough because it gets stuck under your nails. Oh, and they have THREE rollers for the play-dough.
Landon has homework every night and LOVES it. I have a monthly calendar with his nightly assignments but he doesn't want me to reveal his assignment until right before we are ready to do it. And we do homework as soon as we get home because he can't wait any longer. Homework has included writing his name and numbers 1-5 (which he wrote 1-5 about 20 times), counting things outside like people, dogs, cars, etc., using words like over/under/in/out, etc.

So far (cross your fingers), Landon seems to be a studious little guy. Let's hope he continues that love for school. On a side note, Christopher and I both loved school as kids.


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