Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am freaking exhausted, mentally and physically. And yes, I am expecting some sympathy.

Two weeks ago, Landon was out of commission for 4 days with a fever and cough. We took him to the doctor where he was diagnosed with a virus. The doctor said the fever would go down each day and it did. Bam - that was easy.

Last Wednesday, poor Christopher caught the virus. He had the same symptoms, cough and fever but his fever didn't go down each day. It fluctuated from 99 up to 103. Oh, I forgot one other symptom...extreme grumpiness. Then I get a call from daycare on Friday letting me know that Carter was running a fever of 102. I picked him up and brought him home. He also had a cough. His fever spiked at 104 Friday night coupled with extreme lethargy and glassy eyes. We called the doctor (and were able to get the fever down in the 30 minutes it took for the nurse to call us back); they told us to keep an eye on him, blah, blah, blah. Oh, and he pukes any time his cough gets bad.

Carter woke up Sunday morning with junk in his eye. Great. Typically, this means ear infection for him so I took him to a pediatric urgent care at lunchtime. Doc says ears are great, chest is not. His Oxygen level was at 92% which I knew wasn't great so I was scared (Carter had pneumonia at 6 months). They wanted to give him a breathing treatment, then chest x-ray. Skip ahead 30 minutes. Both Carter and I are drenched in sweat and pissed and tired from the battle that went on between me and him trying to get him to stay still for said breathing treatment and chest x-rays. X-rays confirmed that he has pneumonia in both lungs. Breathing treatments and antibiotic were prescribed.

When we got home TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATER, I sent Christopher to an urgent care where a chest x-ray confirmed that yes, he also has pneumonia in both lungs. Antibiotics were prescribed for him.

Meanwhile, my dog had surgery to have 10 rotten teeth removed so I've been trying to coax him to eat soft foods (he is a very picky eater so it resulted in me cooking white rice and boiled chicken for him, I wish I was kidding) and keep him comfortable.

So...antibiotic for Carter once a day, antibiotic for Christopher twice a day, antibiotic for Hokie twice a day, pain killers for Hokie twice a day, breathing treatment for Carter every 4-6 hours (yeah right), has it been 6 hours since Carter's last dose of Advil, here's some Tylenol Christopher, oh crap Landon - sorry, totally forgot to give you your vitamin and Zyrtec, clean up some puke, here have some Gatorade because I don't think you've peed in like 12 hours, where's my beer?, um, did I forget anything? anybody? UGH!!!!!!!

Wait, did I mention we had already reserved and paid for a campsite from Saturday to Monday?

I am happy to report that both Carter and Christopher's fevers are starting to come down/almost gone and their coughs are getting better. Christopher went back to work today and Carter should be going back tomorrow. Landon and I are crossing our fingers that we stay healthy. And I may have lost my mind somewhere in there.


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  1. Dana:
    wow....your week has completely sucked! I bet you would actually rather be at work....