Monday, October 17, 2011

Bagley Luck

This post is mainly for me to madly type out my anger, hoping to move past. I have been violated and I am pissed.

This past Sunday, we headed to the NC State Fair with my in-laws, SIL, BIL, and niece. It was a beautiful day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (pictures from the fair to come). We were there from 9-3, but decided to leave as Carter was melting down and Landon was exhausted.

We had parked on the side of the road that runs parallel to the main road (Hillsborough Street) along with about 100 other cars. This is a high traffic area with people walking past going towards the fairgrounds constantly.

When we walked up to the car, we immediately saw it. The back driver's side window was smashed in. Glass was everywhere. It was all over the boys' carseats, it was all over the floor, in the front seats, in their bag of toys, in my diaper bag, EVERYWHERE. My GPS and car DVD player had been stolen. Yes, I left my GPS in the front window. Yes, it was a mistake. And normally I am very diligent about putting it away when we park, but I didn't this time. Someone saw it, smashed my window, and took my things. They rummaged through my diaper bag. They opened my console to unplug the DVD player. They touched my son's car seat. They were in my car.

Things are things and can be replaced. It's a pain to go through the insurance company and pay the deductible and have to leave my car someplace to get the window replaced, but whatever. I feel so violated. And it pisses me off. Bad.

I am also scared. Home was programmed into my GPS. Are they coming to my house next? Will they come when we are home? Will I walk into my house alone with my boys and be met with burglars? I am scared. I hope that if they were going to do that then they would have taken my garage door opener and done it then when they knew we were at the fair.

The Raleigh police didn't even come out. We filed a complaint over the phone and the report will be faxed to us. They say that they only find prints 2% of the time so that it's not worth their time to come out. Thank you, Raleigh police.

I just can't wrap my head around someone having the courage to smash a window in broad daylight in a high traffic area and only 1/4 mile from an intersection full of cops. In addition to that, did they not think about the glass all in my babies' carseats and the fact that they took my childrens' DVD player? Did it not bother them when they stepped on and broke Carter's favorite Thomas DVD? They will probably get $100 at the pawn shop for both of those things. I hope it was worth it to them. I hope they get something real nice with that Benjamin.



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  1. I am SO sorry to hear that that happened to you! It's horrible to think of the crazy things people will do for a couple of dollars. I would have gladly given them $100 instead of you having to go through all this.