Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of School 2014

It's a big day in the Bagley household. Today is the first day of school for both Landon (3rd grade) and Carter (Kindergarten)! They were both very excited to go to school this morning.

My heart was warmed when I walked past the bottom of the steps to see Landon helping Carter get ready. I'm telling you...God knew what he was doing by giving me Landon first.

Landon and I had a long talk about his job as a big brother and protecting his little brother at school. He walked him into the early arrivals Y program (at school), helped him with things like where to put his book bag and things to do at the Y, and got him to his class. He's going to keep an eye on him at Y early arrivals and after school to make sure he's good to go.

Landon is joining Ms. Knight's 3rd grade class (she's a Meredith grad - woohoo!). He's excited about the tough year ahead, mostly that he gets to learn multiplication and division in math and read mostly non-fictions. Third grade is going to be a challenge but I think Landon is definitely up for it and even excited about it.

Carter goes to K only one day this week (we do staggered entry here in Wake Co, NC where K kids are split over 3 days and they are assessed during their one assigned day). We will go Thursday night to find out what teacher he has been assigned to and he starts full-time next week. Nonetheless, he was excited to go today! I talked with him in great length: here are the things that you can and cannot throw away from your lunch box (i.e., don't throw away Tupperware), never get on a bus, here's where your snack is, you go to Y in the morning and afternoon, never get on a bus (I know I've already typed that but I said it MANY times), if you get scared or upset, ask if you can see your brother...  He's going to do great. It's mom that's a hot mess this morning. I had to go back home because I forgot half of the things I needed to take to work!

They both gave me kisses and hopped right out of the van this morning to walk in. Good thing I got my big, long hugs and kisses before we left the house.


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