Friday, August 22, 2014

Weekly Update: 26 Weeks


Oh, hi. So...yeah. Been hearing a lot of grief lately on my belly size...people saying my due date is not right or that I am having twins. I can assure you that my due date is spot on. When you try as long as we did to get pregnant, you know. And the whole twin thing...after 3 ultrasounds and countless heartbeat listens, I think that would have been discovered. I'm just big and beautiful...the way you're supposed to look when you have another human being inside you.

I brought it up to my doctor at my check-up last Friday as well. She looked at my measurements from my ultrasounds and confirmed that the baby's size was tracking spot on with my due date. In addition, my tummy measured right where it should.

The doctor gave a good listen to my lungs at my visit and said they sounded clear. She said I just still have a little respiratory junk left from my bug plus the normal junk that you get with pregnancy and that it should continue to clear up. No worries.

Heartbeat was good and strong. Tummy measurement was on track. Weight? Eh. Not even paying attention.

My next appointment is in 3 weeks and is the dreaded glucose test. Yuck. I don't mind the stuff you have to drink. I do mind the crazy jittery sugar rush I get that makes me feel sick and the hour that you have to wait to get your blood drawn (coupled with my crazy incompetent veins). But I'll make it.

I've been off of my NVP medicine for the past 3 days and I feel...okay. I still get moments of nausea but have found that it's usually when I need to snack on something. So I am just trying to keep something in my system all the time like fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.

At 26 weeks, little bird is really starting to fatten up. She is 1 and 2/3 pounds and measures 14 inches long from head to heel. That's the size of a scallion (BabyCenter email) or eggplant (phone app). 14 weeks until I meet my sweet baby girl. I have been daydreaming about her...about what her face will look like, her sweet baby smell... I am READY to see her!

Geez...we've GOT to start on the nursery...


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