Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Partially-Complete Nursery Tour (and a NAME!)

We FINALLY got the guest bed taken down and out of the spare room so we're starting to have something that looks like a nursery. After purging the closet, reorganizing it, and washing and putting away all baby clothes, we put the crib together and (I) put an excessive amount of nail holes in the wall hung some decorations. (It took a full day and me purging the nursery and the boys' entire room and closet - nesting - to find the bag of crib screws IN THE GARAGE WHERE THE MISTER SAID THEY WERE NOT.) Nonetheless, the crib is together, although it is need of some serious TLC. One end has such bad peeling paint from where we sat the humidifier at the end of the crib when Carter was in it (dumb move). We're going to sand that down and paint in the next few weeks.

With the exception of needing to move out a big TV, the room is together-ish. I still need some things like a crib skirt, rug, sheets, lamp, and laundry basket.

Here's a tour of the partially-complete nursery, but I will definitely post more pictures once it's 100% together.

The walls were already painted a perfect pale yellow. It looks more golden/dark in some of these pictures, but trust - it's perfection.

Standing in the doorway, I have a high/low dresser (that I've had since Landon) with the changing pad, a wastebasket, and a Diaper Champ (wall to your left). I need to add a lamp on the high part for those late-night diaper changes (I have my eye on an adorable vintage hot air balloon lamp that I've spotted on eBay).

On the wall directly in front of you while still standing in the door (moving clockwise), I currently have an antique table which I am contemplating what to do with. Her hamper will go here. And I have three adorable wooden hot air balloons on the wall that I custom-ordered from Etsy.

Continuing to move clockwise, in the corner is my glider and footstool (again from Landon) with a nightstand complete with the essentials (lamp for late-night feedings, clock and CD player (for breastfeeding time-keeping and classical music for my baby girl), and books). I am keeping the white eyelet valance and added a beautiful homemade blanket that I found in a homemade blanket stash from when Landon was born. Not sure who made this one, but I can guarantee it was some cute little church lady. Also, the dead plant will be removed.

Then on the wall to your right when standing in the door is her crib with peeling paint and toy box that my Papa made. The toy box looks like it would be a good place to put a humidifier, but don't be fooled. It isn't. Oh, and above her crib is the other hot air balloon beauty that I custom-ordered from Etsy. Wait. What does that garland say???

Let me zoom in for you.


Yes, baby bird will be called Wrenn Annalise. We chose this name because we simply liked it (just like we did with the boys). Wrenn is a version of Wren, the bird. And Annalise means full of grace (Anne) and God is my oath (Liese). The boys have already taken to calling her Wrennie (after giving up hope that her name would be Violet (Landon - I like that too, L) or Elsa (Carter - after Elsa in Frozen).

We've still got a little more to do but I wanted to share our progress and baby bird's name.

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