Thursday, September 25, 2014

Weekly Update: 31 Weeks

Baby Wrenn has been baking for 31 weeks!!! She's over 16 inches long and about 3 & 1/3 pounds, heading into a growth spurt. Right now, she's the size of a coconut.

It definitely feels like there is a coconut in there...a coconut with lots of pokey things. Girlfriend is very busy (especially during the middle of the night - uh-oh) and likes to poke me from the inside.

I just cannot breathe most days. Well...I mean, obviously I am breathing but not well at all. She has pushed my innards around where I have hardly any lung capacity left (apparently the only relief for that is to have the baby - very helpful). I get heartburn when I eat the wrong things. But my sleeping has me really down right now. I am having a problem going back to sleep once getting up. So when she tells me it's time to pee between 2-3am, I usually lay in the bed awake for about an hour or two afterwards. Then I finally fall back asleep to have to pee again at 6 (or if it's a super fun night, for Landon to come get me around 5 to tell me he wet the bed - we're back at that again...I'll write a post dedicated to that after his urologist appointment next week). So I am getting about 4-5 hours of sleep each night and it is killing me. I guess she's prepping me for what's ahead. I really hope her activity now does not indicate her awake periods once she's here. If so, we are IN TROUBLE!

I have a baby shower this Sunday. I am so excited and looking forward to spending time oohing and aahing over all things pink with my family and close friends!!!


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