Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weekly Update: 32 Weeks

31 weeks & 6 days
At 32 weeks, my baby bird is 3 & 3/4 pounds and about 16.7 inches long. My weekly BabyCenter email tells me that she is taking up most of my uterus. NO KIDDING!!!! She's the size of a jicama (I had to google that - it's a Mexican yam).

From here on out, I should gain about a pound a week and half of that will go right to her. She's fattening up!

I had the most perfect little baby shower this past weekend (details and pictures coming) and felt so loved! But my nursery is starting to become very pink...I've got to get some other colors in there to balance it out.

Feeling about the same...heartburn, tired, pains, etc. My next OB appointment is this coming Monday and then I go to every-other-week check-ups.

As you can see from my 32 week picture and my 30 week picture (same outfit!), I am starting to run out of clothes that fit and my options are pretty slim!

I finally got around to attacking the linen closet (nesting). I'm not sure what my next victim will be, although it really needs to be my shower. But getting down on all fours in my 4x4 stand-up shower just ain't happening.

I'm starting to freak out a little about having a baby in the winter time when colds and flus are at a high (and not to mention this Enterovirus going around now). We haven't had a great track record with respiratory junk (Landon had RSV which caused him to wheeze for years, and Carter had pneumonia). They were both about 6 months when that hit since they were summer babies. My sweet girl is going to be a tiny little thing during all this upcoming yuckiness. I'll go ahead and apologize in advance if I shower you in hand sanitizer or hand out a mask (only halfway kidding about the mask). Should I just get a bubble to keep her in until spring?

I can now say that we meet our bird NEXT MONTH! Well...unless she's late and comes in December. But soon! I'll have her in my arms soon!


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