Thursday, October 9, 2014

Weekly Update: 33 Weeks

32 weeks & 6 days (All day, I pulled my shirt down and skirt up)
Wow o wow o wow o wow! SEVEN weeks to go!

At 33 weeks, little bird is a little over 4 pounds and 17 inches long. She is the size of a pineapple.

Things left to do: sand and paint crib (where paint is peeling), pack hospital bag, install car seats, and get a few more odds & ends.

The nursery is *almost* together. I just ordered these hot air balloon crib sheets which have been unavailable since I registered for them. They just became available yesterday (I check every day) so I quickly ordered those as they are a staple of my decor. Once I get this changing pad cover and dust ruffle, the nursery will be good to go - I need some gray and yellow in there to balance out all the pink. I'll order those soon (and holy smokes, Target shipping is SUPER fast).

I don't have much newborn-size clothing (that aren't gowns or PJs) so I'll probably need to get a few outfits. Even Carter, who was 8 pounds and 14 ounces, wore newborn for a few weeks.

So I am scheduled for an induction on November 20 (at 39 weeks), but I'm most likely going to cancel. Two doctors at the practice have told me that they'd like to induce me at 39 weeks because I have big babies and they don't want to risk her being so big that she gets stuck. Although, they also say they can't estimate how much she is going to weigh. This last doctor (who is my least favorite due to her lack of bedside manner) told me it was basically because I had gained so much weight. She was extremely rude. I told her I thought I had been doing awesome this time around...30 pounds so far (and most likely to land at a total of 40) when I was at 56 and 50 with the boys. Apparently, mom weight gain equals baby weight gain. So...if that's the case, I'll have gained less this time around so my baby might be smaller than my previous two which I pushed out just fine... It's really about the shoulders getting stuck, which can happen in a small or large just matters which way they come down the birth canal. I'm not 100% convinced that the doctors aren't just trying to avoid a lawsuit in the case they have to break her clavicle to get her out if she's stuck. Elective inductions have stats to support longer, harder, more intense labors and increased risk of c-sections. I know that there's plenty of women out there induced and they have wonderful birth stories. I just don't really see compelling evidence to bring her out a week early or before she's ready unless there's something going on like blood pressure issues, extremely overdue, etc. Let her come when she's ready. My body has done this before on its own time and I am completely confident in my body. Yeah, it'd be great to meet her a week early and great to have it scheduled and great to know with certainty that I can get the epidural...but I just don't see the undeniable evidence that it's a necessity. I'm going to see how this next month goes and talk to the other doctors at the practice and get their opinions (I'm at EOW appointments now), but most likely, I'll be cancelling the induction and let Wrenn pick her own birthday.


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