Thursday, October 16, 2014

Weekly Update: 34 Weeks

34 weeks! SIX weeks to go! It's hard to believe that this pregnancy is quickly coming to an end. It's very bittersweet for me...I'm starting to get really ready to have my body back but I know I am going to miss pregnancy, especially since this is my last one. I'll never feel those kicks/punches again. I'll never have that growing belly again. I'll never experience that joy of growing a life.

I'm starting to feel pretty dang miserable and slow down a bit. My feet are swollen and hurt at the end of the day (thank you, Christopher for the foot rubs). I have a hard time standing in the kitchen after dinner packing lunches and such. But I'm trucking along.

At 34 weeks, my baby bird is 4 & 3/4 pounds and almost 18 inches long. She's the size of a cantaloupe. She's in good shape as far as lung and central nervous system development and if she were to be born now, she's be okay.

Diaper bag is packed and I am pretty sure I have some coming-home outfit options ready! I went to a local consignment shop and picked up some NB-size clothing that should get her through her first month or so. I still have to pack my hospital bag, install the car seat bases, and get the crib sanded/painted. I also still have to get flu shot (everyone else in my house has had one) - my OB was out last week when I went. Hopefully they'll have more in next Tuesday when I go for another check-up; if not, I'll just go somewhere else to get it.

Until next week, my friends!


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  1. Hard to believe you only have 6 weeks left!
    You look great!