Monday, November 10, 2014

What's Up?

This is going to be a hodgepodge of topics but here's what's been going on with the Bagley Circus lately.

I was so freaked out that I was going to go into labor this past weekend (even though I have accepted that this baby will most likely come late - again, I am banking on November 30). Spoiler alert: she didn't come! Christopher and the boys went on a boys-only camping trip so they weren't home and not easily reachable. I was just imagining me delivering my own baby on my couch while my husband and boys ate s'mores around a campfire. Also, it was a full moon. And I had been for a dental check-up last Thursday and the hygienist freaked me out saying that check-ups send women into labor. Lastly, my niece Gracie's birthday was Saturday and she has sworn since day 1 that I was going to have this baby on her birthday (Carter was born on her sister, Elizabeth's birthday). I'm not very superstitious but that was a lot. However, no baby came. Whew.

I don't know how I didn't go into labor last Thursday night with all the excitement in the house though! Hokie has gotten really bad about slipping out of the door and going around the house to the back door. Well...Thursday morning when I left for work, he slipped out without me realizing it and I left. I was at ninjitsu with the boys at 5pm when I got a text from Christopher that Hokie wasn't in the house. He walked around the neighborhood for an hour before I got home with no luck. Then I drove and walked around for another hour, plus had the ladies that live behind us looking too. He didn't have on his collar, although he is microchipped. Needless to say, I was the crazy, crying pregnant woman limping around in the dark (by the light of a full moon) calling "Hokie, Hokie, Hokie" over and over and over. I decided to go back home and make flyers. As I was walking up to my house, a car pulled into the drive. Two ladies got out and I yelled, "Do you have my dog?" and out jumped Hokie. I ran up to these ladies (mother and daughter) and hugged their neck, again crying like the craziest woman you've ever seen. They lived one street behind us so he had walked though our back yard to theirs, the daughter put him in a crate while she left for school, then after work/school they took him to a vet to see if he had a chip. The chip still had our old Youngsville address so she did some research and found our address. I am so thankful for good people like these two ladies. Then...for two hours afterwards, I sat in my living room crying (with joy, relief, guilt, I don't even know what) and having contractions. Finally, I was able to calm down and again, no baby.

Some baby things did get accomplished, however, so we are ready for Miss Wrenn when she comes. Car seats bases are installed in both vehicles, the last touches have been made to the nursery, hospital bag is packed, diaper bags are ready, and the last little things have been purchased. I think we're ready!!! Am I forgetting anything?

Carter stopped sucking his thumb! Cold turkey!!! At his dental check-up last week, the dentist suggested we take him to an orthodontist for an opinion regarding the constriction his palate has from thumb-sucking and the potential of an appliance. He was so freaked out that he stopped that night. The poor guy had a hard time at first; he cried for a while. And it just broke my heart. I was a thumb-sucker and I know what it feels like...but we've got some dental issues beginning from it so it has to stop. And he gets it. My aunt, who is an orthodontist assistant thinks it's a little too early for something like that so I am not sure if I am going to take him to an ortho or not. Especially since he's stopped sucking his thumb. But we'll see...

Lots going on over the past week and a really tough week ahead. We're waiting on some test results (coming Wednesday) that could entirely rock our worlds as a family. I can't go into it too much yet until we know some things (and to protect some younger family members that haven't been told anything yet) but we'd appreciate the prayers, good thoughts, etc.


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