Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wrenn - Week 1

Week 1 included a lot of sleeping - on Wrenn's part and ours. She nursed every 2 hours, sometimes stretching to 3-4 hours at night. She had some issues with gas the first few weeks that typically kept her up at night, but once she worked out all those toots and poops, she gave us a little bit of sleep. We had a pack & play in our room, but she co-slept a lot as that was just easier in those first few weeks. She also seemed to like sleeping close to her mama. The mister had off 2 weeks and we sent the boys to school to keep them in their routine.

The boys have been so helpful out of the gate. They love to hold Wrenn and help in any way they can, including changing diapers!

We had lots of visitors as well - I love you all!

I will have to say that having a baby in the house again was quite an adjustment (I had gotten spoiled by my 2 independent boys), but I think we got back into the groove of things pretty quickly. There were a few hairy moments between trying to figure Wrenn out, my hormones, lack of sleep, trying to keep up with the boys' needs, and breastfeeding but we got sorted out within a few weeks.

I also agree with what I've always heard...1 to 2 kids was a crazy adjustment but 2 to 3 wasn't too bad.

*Please forgive me if some of these upcoming weekly updates are lacking in detail. 1) It was kind of all a blur. 2) It's been 3 months. 3) I'm not so great at keeping details and really terrible at remembering. (It is all documented on Twitter. And I have lots of cute pictures for you!)


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