Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wrenn - Week 4 & Christmas

Wrenn's 4th week was also Christmas week. It was very busy in our house trying to prepare for the holidays and the boys being out of school. In addition, the boys had both been feeling a tad bit under the weather with the sniffles and low-grade temps (which I, of course, was freaked out over Wrenn getting).

Christmas Eve, we did the usual - church, Mexican dinner, and driving around to look at lights. Beth, Mike, Olive, Aunt Elaine, and Uncle Craig joined us.

While Miss Wrenn slept through most of her very first Christmas morning, the boys had a blast. They were so excited about their gifts, but mainly about their watches and new tennis shoes. They were also excited about their scooters and Legos. Christopher and I gave them 2 nice soccer goals as well.

We let the boys get a gift for each other and that had to have been my most favorite part of the morning, watching them open each other's gifts. Carter got Landon Pokemon cards. And Landon got Carter a football and Nerf gun. They were so sweet opening each other's gifts and hugging each other with thankful hearts.

They opened Wrenn's gifts from Santa for her, which were a few little toys like a retro FP Two Tone TV (like I had as a kid) & a musical giraffe. Again, she slept through the whole thing. Typical Bagley.

Christmas was a little drab for me this year. I think I just wasn't able to enjoy it as much with a newborn. Things had been so stressful the previous weeks with trying to finish up the shopping while trying to heal physically and emotionally from her birth. Add lack of sleep and the breastfeeding issues, plus two sick boys. Wowzers! But I kept my eye on the birth of Jesus and let that carry me through this season.

After celebrating at home, we packed up and headed to VA to visit my parents, then Christopher's. The visit at my parent's was different this year too because two of my brother's boys tested positive for the flu so we celebrated in shifts (first us, then my brother and his family came as we left) so we wouldn't expose the baby to the flu.

As always, the Bagley women made homemade pizzas Christmas night for dinner. In all the hustle and bustle, we forgot Wrenn's pack & play so she slept in a laundry basket that night. However, that night turned into an interesting one. Wrenn started getting sick and by Christmas night was so congested, she couldn't breathe so she hardly slept at all. And of course we didn't have a way to clear out her nose so we pretty much spent the night watching her suffer. We packed up and headed home the next morning to be close to our ped. My in-laws were gracious enough to keep the boys in VA through the weekend so we could focus on Wrenn. Within a few days, she was feeling much better - thanks to the NoseFrida  (LOVE that thing!) and LOTS of snuggling.


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