Friday, March 13, 2015

Wrenn - Week 6

(I posted this yesterday as week 5, but actually this is week 6 - oops! Going to repost week 5 so check back a day.)

At 6 weeks old, Wrenn was doing pretty good sleeping at nighttime. I got her down to an 8:00 bedtime (praise God!) and she'd typically sleep until around 4ish. I'd nurse her and she'd go back to sleep (very easily) until around 7, I'd nurse her and she'd go back to sleep until around 10. We did a lot of morning snoozing during this time. Mornings in bed with her in a quiet house was my favorite time of the day.

I attempted using a Moby wrap but after many tears and much sweating decided to return it. I also tried the Ergo but it just wasn't comfy for me. I am sticking with my Baby Bjourn from 2006, although it's said not to be as ergo-friendly for the baby.

Wrenn also received her first blue box from Tiffany & Co - a sweet little spoon from cousins Tammy & John (thanks!!!). What a darling keepsake.

And that reminds me, I didn't write thank you notes for Christmas gifts. Oops! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!


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