Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wrenn - Week 18

Almost caught up with the Wrenn updates! She was 18 weeks the week before Easter, and turned 4 months old! We took her 4 month pictures with her Stickie Bellies (impressed that I remembered? I am!).

She rolled from her back to tummy and everyone missed it! LOL I was in the kitchen. The boys were in the living room with her, but didn't see it. Christopher said, "Ummm. I think she rolled over. You didn't leave her on her tummy, did you?" No worries - I rolled her back over to her back and she rolled right over to tummy and we all saw it. Every time she rolls to her tummy, she gets the biggest smile on her face, like she is so proud of what she's done.

Future Meredith Angel (and odd) like her mama!


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